Al Haram City Rawalpindi


Al Haram city Rawalpindi, has been a well-established society serving the residents since 2004. Owners are working with a professional team of architects, engineers, and real estate dealers to provide international standard amenities with an affordable package. There hard work of the professionals has brought fruitful results and made this housing scheme as most demanding and trusted project by people of Rawalpindi.

In the initial stages, Al-Haram city, Rawalpindi, consisted of only two blocks. In 2005, just one year after its inauguration, owners extended these phases due to high demand. So now, first phase has 5 blocks that show people’s trust in society.

Owners and Developers

The Owners of Al-Haram city, Rawalpindi, are two brothers named Sheikh Salman and Sheik Farhan. They are known as experts in the real estate market and are famous for giving high-return generating lands. They have started Al-Haram city projects in all main cities of the world and are equally successful all over the country.

NOC status

Establishing your society in a significant country city and fulfilling all the rules and regulations is a time taking procedure. But, credit goes to owners and developers who worked hard to get the NOC. for society. So, now housing project is an approved housing project by authorities.

The society registration number is NOC #796 TMA Rawalpindi. Therefore, before buying a plot, you can verify N.O.C. status using this number.

Location And Map Al Haram City Rawalpindi

Its location is ideal because of the three entrance gates. It means it is easily accessible from three sides. The main address for society is main Chakri road. The back side of society links to Dhamial road.

Location of Alharam City Rawalpindi

It is easily accessible from the following places

  • Main Chakri road
  • Dhami road
  • M2 ( Lahore to Islamabad)
  • Adiala road
  • Girja road

Nearby Places

Commercial buildings, institutes, national highways, and other vital landmarks always increase the returning potential of land.

Some nearby places of AHCR are under

  • Fatima Jinnah Women’s University: 16km away from
  • Bestway Cement Suppliers: 2km away from
  • Dhok Chathianwali: 2.5km away from
  • Dhok Sarparaswali: 1km away from
  • Dhok Jumen: 2.7km away from
  • Adiala: 19km away from
  • M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway:18km away from
  • CPEC builders and investors and developers:9.5kmaway from

Some other famous societies are on few minutes’ drive from AHCR

  • Shadman Town: 9.3 km away from
  • Capital Smart City: 25 km away from
  • New Iqra City Societ: 2.8 km away from

Master plan of Al Haram City Rawalpindi

The housing scheme started construction in 2004. After many years of experience, it is now considered the leading society in Rawalpindi.

Master plan of Alharam City

Master plan consists of Two phases

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2

Phase 1 is further divided into the following blocks

  • Al Harmain Block I
  • Al Harmain Block II
  • Al Harmain Block III
  • Al Falah Block
  • Al Huda Block
  • Tuba Block
  • Aqsa Block
  • Nimra Block

Phase 2 is also divided into many blocks, listed as

  • Al Masoor Block
  • Al Rehman Block
  • Al Noor Block
  • Al Rehman Block
  • Al Shaheed Block
  • Al Latif Block

In both phases, residential plot sizes are available in the following cuttings

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial plot sizes are available as

  • 6 Marla
  • 7 Marla

Payment plan of Al Haram City Rawalpindi

As the plot sizes vary from lower to an upper limits, every type of family can afford to live here. So, the owners designed payment plans accordingly.

Due to the increasing demand in society among city people, plot prices vary accordingly. However, we assure you that it always offers a suitable and economical price for its clients.

The payment plan is also available for 42 months in installments. For details of current prices and installments, contact us.

Development Status

No question arises on the development status of society due to the two reasons. First, most expert owners and developers maintain the society’s amenities. Second, this society was established in 2004, so more than 20 years in the market is society’s honor. Such several extensions show the trust of people in society’s development. Roads are wide and well-maintained. Owners installed streetlights throughout society. So, it is a fully developed society in the area with many residents.

Development status of Al Haram City

Reason To Invest

  • It is old housing project in the city with a large number of residents.
  • It is a fully developed society with all amenities and facilities.
  • Al-Haram builders have a good reputation in the market, so good to invest in this project to generate revenue.
  • It is highly demanding land in the area and more reputable than all other societies in the same town.
  • The owners have fulfilled all promises which they made at the time of launching. So, a trustworthy organization to work for

Features of Al Haram City Rawalpindi

  • It is fully secure with an entrance gate.
  • All modern facilities available.
  • Peaceful environment
  • Educated community
  • Education Complex
  • Graveyard
  • Health care facilities
  • Society has a commercial zone to facilitate the residents.
  • Jamia mosque

Amenities And Facilities

Amenities of society help to endure the relations with residents. Residents are the live advertisements of society, so every housing scheme tries its best to provide a quality lifestyle to its residents.

Status Update of Al Haram City


A sound security system in any area gives an open call to people to invest. In this fast-paced world, an alert and quick security system is the need for safety of residents. CCTV and checking at gate entrance are primary source of a secure area. We are happy to tell you that these systems are part of this housing scheme.

Gas, Water, Electricity

In the modern world, when all the above sources are in shortage, it becomes challenging for the new societies to provide their residents with these energy sources, especially Sui gas, 24/7. However, AHCR has enough energy resources to serve its residents.

Educational Institutes

Educated communities always prefer residence near educational institutes to prevent their generations from traveling for education. So, it is the responsibility of every society management to provide international brands of education within residential area, and AHCR management fulfills this promise.

Health Care

Well-equipped hospitals with experienced doctors are the fundamental right of every citizen. Good housing schemes invest in hospital infrastructure to facilitate their residents. The same is doing the AHCR housing scheme.


Maintaining a park with regular care is more complicated than dedicating land to the park. Most societies form a park and never invest in their maintenance. AHCR, not only offers the parks; instead, they regularly update them for the convenience of residents.

Roads And Street Light

Wide and carpeted roads symbolize the owner’s caring attitude toward their residents. It means the owner’s purpose is not only to generate money from the housing scheme. This housing projectr also has very wide, carpeted roads and street lights.

Sewerage System

The society has a significantly updated sewerage system that discriminates it from other areas’ societies.


Mosques are an essential element of a Muslim community as we are residents of a Muslim country, so the mosque is a must landmark for society. AHCR has also built a mosque for its community.


  • Among very earliest societies of the city
  • Owned by experts in real estate marketing
  • Near Fatima Jinnah university
  • Fully developed, residents are living already, so make sure to live there.
  • Fully secure
  • Have three gates, so they are easily accessible from different points.
  • Many other famous societies, e.g., shadman town, and Iqra society, are near this housing scheme, so we can say it is a crowded area.


  • Perception of illegal society


 Al-Haram city, Rawalpindi, is a well-developed city with all facilities and amenities. It offers a lavish lifestyle to all types of people. They have designed plot sizes and payment plans so that people from the middle class to upper class can afford this.

You must go with this housing scheme if you dream of building your dream home in a modern and trustworthy society. We assure you that you won’t regret your decision. This is also an excellent opportunity to invest to earn a profit because the price of land in this area continuously varies.

If you want to Build a home or invest in a business, Al-Haram city, Rawalpindi, is the best option.

What is Al-Haram city, Rawalpindi?

It has been a very well-maintained society of Rawalpindi since 2004

Where is it located?

It is located on the main Chakri road.

How many phases are there in al-Haram, society Rawalpindi?

Society consists of two main phases.
●     Phase 1
●     Phase 2

Why invest here?

It is the most primitive society of Rawalpindi with the potential to return.

Is society completely developed?

Yes, it is completely developed. Development is complete in all blocks of both phases.

Is it a secure society?

Yes, 24/7 security with a CCTV camera.

Is it easily accessible?

It has three gates. So easily accessible from different points.

What plot sizes for residential purposes does the society offer?

Residential plots of the following sizes are available
●     3 Marla
●     5 Marla
●     6 Marla
●     7 Marla
●     10 Marla
●     1 Kanal

is the size of commercial plots?

Commercial plot sizes are available as
●     6 Marla
●     7 Marla

Is the society N.O.C. approved?

the society is transparent under registration number #796 TMA Rawalpindi.

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