B-17 Multi Garden Islamabad


As one of the most well-known housing societies in Islamabad’s Zone 2, Multi Gardens is among the best. Both investors and buyers found it extremely successful and popular. Margalla Hills lie at the foot of the city. It offers its residents beautiful scenery in a beautiful, peaceful environment. A world-class development and a prime location make B-17 Multi Garden Islamabad a great investment opportunity in Islamabad’s current real estate market. People already invested in the community have gained an advantage due to the increase in society’s prices.

Founded back in 2004, B-17 Multi Gardens has received much attention from investors both locally and abroad due to its reasonable prices. By taking into account all niches of people in society, it develops consistently and ensures that it meets the needs of people today.

Owners and Developers

MultiGardens B-17 The Multi-Professional Co-operative Housing Society (MPCHS) is responsible for the development of Islamabad (MPCHS). As a real estate investment and housing plan development organization, MPCHS promotes and develops real estate investments. In addition to providing transparent transactions and significant returns, the organization offers buyers and sellers a shared cooperative platform. A total of four big projects have been started by MPCHS so far, headed by Ch Abdul Majeed, CEO.

  • Islamabad Gardens. Sector E-11/1 / E-11/3.
  • Tele Gardens. Sector F-17.
  • Multi Residentia& Orchards. Farm Housing Project.
  • Multi Gardens. Sector B-17.

NOC Status

For sector B-17 Multi Garden Islamabad, CDA has granted MPCHS a no objection certificate (NOC). For the construction of schools in society, a NOC has been issued by the Federal Directorate of Education. Check out the official website of CDA to verify the NOC details for this housing scheme. Every residential society should acquire a NOC to increase its chances of being reliable and profitable.

Location of B-17 Multi Garden Islamabad

Multi Garden B 17 Islamabad Map location is located in Zone 2 of Islamabad. Its eastern side has access to G.T road, while its western side connects to the M1 motorway between Peshawar and Islamabad.

B-17 Multi Garden Islamabad Location

Access Points

Several points of access are available:

  • The G.T. Road.
  • A and B are the gates.
  • G block of the society is connected to the Islamabad-Peshawar motorway via an interchange.
  • A 9km signal-free expressway will also connect the F-10 sector of Islamabad.


Master Plan Multi Garden Islamabad

Master Plan Multi Garden Islamabad

Multi Gardens Sector B-17 encompasses almost 16,000 Kanal of luxury and high standards. All the latest development needs are met in this very well-planned community. The whole region is being transformed by it. This place embodies the symbolism and status associated with urbanization. Following urban planning principles, a master plan is developed for Sector B-17. The vast development is being planned with the help of many well-known architects, engineers, and planners.

Residential and commercial opportunities are both available in the area. Among its many great features is a large area of green space dedicated to the project. Seven blocks make up the development, which meets all contemporary town planning standards. This place combines modernity and serenity beautifully. B-17 residents have access to all the facilities and a secure environment. Overpopulation risks are addressed by widening the roads and other spaces.

Blocks Division

Due to its size spans a large area and is divided into different blocks by the authorities. You can find excellent investment and living opportunities in all parts of sector B-17 Islamabad. Each block has various commercial and residential plots, and advanced community plans are implemented everywhere. In almost every block, commercial sectors are available for those with business minds and aims.

As work progresses, some blocks are being developed entirely according to the current demands, while others are still being developed quickly. There are different prices for each plot in each block based on advancement and uniqueness. All social and living facilities are included to provide all residents with a remarkable living experience. All blocks are designed to suit everyone’s needs and desires, based on the latest trends.

Blocks of B-17 Multi Garden Islamabad

Block A

Several opportunities exist for commercial and residential development in sector B-17’s Block A, which is highly developed and extensive. It is estimated that almost 97% of the road and infrastructure development has been completed. This block, the largest one, contains all basic and advanced amenities.

A close connection exists between Margalla Hills and Sector B-17 block A.To give a complete sense of community living, here are carpeted roads 40 feet, 50 feet and 60 feet wide. In addition, there are schools, colleges, parks, lakes, mosques, and commercial establishments. You can purchase a variety of commercial and residential plots through easy installments or cash payments. For everyone, it ensures the best investment opportunities.

Block B

There is a luxurious and expensive block of development in sector B-17 called block B. The entire area has been lavishly planned at Islamabad’s most important place, in conjunction with Block A. The properties in this block are more expensive than in some other blocks of B-17 because it offers the best investment and living opportunities.

All plots in block B are easily accessible by means of 30, 40, 50 and 60 ft road links. In addition to the university and schools, there are mosques, commercial areas, parks, and all other amenities. In sector B-17 block B, you can live in a high-quality, safe and advanced environment. Work on the remaining pieces is progressing rapidly, and the remaining development should be completed by the end of the year.

Block C

The Multi Gardens Block C is one of the most remarkable parts of the development, which offers residents a wide range of plot sizes. You can find your desired property easily as construction and many other tasks have been completed here. It has a great location, and the entire block has an appealing design.

A large area is dedicated to greenery to maintain a peaceful and healthy environment. Aside from the central mosque, there is a school, college, a five-star hotel, a lake and many other facilities in District B-17 Block C. You will enjoy a dream lifestyle in this district that provides recreational and basic amenities. There are easy installment and payment plans available for the plots here. Commercial and residential properties can be found here.

Block D

A part of B-17 that uses the best community plans in this area. The excellent approach it takes makes it a good investment. Sewerage, underground wiring, and gas lines are just a few projects that have been completed. MPCHS is facing land acquisition issues regarding Block D of Multi Gardens, so we cannot say it is fully developed. Consequently, many areas are uninhabited and have limited development.

Even with the land issue resolved, it remains an attractive investment hub because of its ideal location and bright future. Among the facilities in the block are education, health facilities, and other services. Because of the high potential returns on investment that your plot will ensure in the future, you can book your plot at an attractive price at the current time.

Block E

According to its development status, Block E is similar to Block D. Though this block does not have a land issue, the work has not been completed yet. Infrastructural work is currently being done on this block, which consists of commercial and residential plots of different sizes. With green belts everywhere, there are wide, carpeted roads. People can live peacefully and comfortably here, and exceptional investment opportunities are also available. The current prices of various plots are very reasonable and will only rise shortly.

There are many potential projects in Sector B-17

Investors and clients can take advantage of the best investment opportunities in Sector B-17 Islamabad. A total of more than 100 residential and commercial projects are available in B-17. Get ready for Multi Garden B 17 Islamabad plots for sale. The best properties for sale in Islamabad are apartments, plots, and commercial buildings.

A few are already completed, ready to generate huge profits for people, while others are currently being built. These properties have a top development status, and their future value will grow, making them excellent investment opportunities. You can expect a high return on your investment in B-17 if you invest in the ideas society, Faisal Town, and some other projects.

B17 Status

Commercial Plots for Sale

A commercial plot is one of the most significant investments you can make in your life right now. The Marla is available for booking in different sizes. Multi Gardens B-17 is a hub of development where you can invest or start a business.

Residential Plots for sale

There are enormous living and investment opportunities in B-17 Islamabad, as this area is vast. You can build your dream home in any of the blocks due to their amazing properties in various sizes. These plots are ideal for residential development because of their strategic location, promising development status, and exclusive approach. If you want to gain higher future returns, you should book your plot now.

Apartments for sale

Many apartment projects have been built in different blocks of B-17 to provide you with a dream lifestyle full of class, comfort, and style. Several notable developments have already occurred in this regard, and others are happening rapidly. Several flats for sale in sector B-17 Islamabad will prove to be the best investment and will allow you to enjoy an excellent standard of living.

Houses for sale

Those looking for a quick shift in lifestyle can also option for newly constructed homes in sector B-17. Modern construction trends and innovative architectural plans have been considered throughout the development process. These houses are available in various sizes and offer the highest possible living quality at an attractive price. The 5 Marla Plot Price in B17 Islamabad is 40 to 60 lacks. 

Development Update Status

  • We have completed the development work in Blocks A, B, and C. Work is almost complete on Blocks C-1, D, E, and F.
  • Block A and B have the highest population compared to other societal blocks. Five marla plots in Multi Garden B 17 Islamabad block F have been occupied. A house is also being constructed on a plot of 10 Marla.
  • Two-way traffic is allowed along the G.T. Road via the main entrance gate. The second entrance gate is along the main G.T. road, between A & B Blocks.
  • The building is underway in block B for a community club on 74 Kanal land.
  • Additionally, commercial buildings are being constructed in blocks E and F.
  • The development of football fields, cricket grounds, parks, and zoos has been completed.
  • The society will be supplied with water by installing tube wells, procuring water from neighboring sources, and harvesting rainwater.

Within the community are several schools, parks, grocery stores, banks, salons, and other basic needs as well as recreational activities.

Block G in under development

The new block G is currently being developed quickly. The construction of block G is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The earthwork in block G is almost complete. In addition to the G.T. Road interchange, Block G will have its own interchange.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in A B-17 Multi-Garden?

With endless investment possibilities and a wonderful lifestyle, MPCHS is one of Islamabad’s top housing projects under the CDA sector.

An investment that is safe

The project has recently experienced rapid revitalization, making it a great investment opportunity. CDA sectors are reliable funding sources since they permit NOCs and do not involve legal complexity. Buyers and sellers alike are interested in the project due to these factors.

Developing quality

The speed and quality of progress in society are also significant variables. Housing society management is adamant about imparting excellence-driven improvements in a limited time frame.

In addition to water, electricity, fuel, and all the latest amenities, this auspicious housing community is equipped with all the necessities.

Plot sizes compatible

The 5-marla and 7-marla plot options, which are easily traded, are popular in the sector. You can invest in these plots or build a house for your family regardless of size. The most sought-after plot sizes for commercial purposes are 40×50 and 40×60.

Prices that are Affordable

Property prices have increased greatly as a result of the reasons discussed above. Real estate prices in the area have increased over the last year, resulting in more genuine investors.

The newly launched G block leads due to its development scope, attractive location, and low initial price in terms of activity.

Features and Facilities

  • Developing advanced infrastructure
  • Homes with a modern style
  • Location is ideal
  • Roads with wide carpets
  • Architecture that innovates
  • Sewage treatment
  • Electrification underground
  • Public parks
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Security on high alert
  • Surroundings that are beautiful
  • A pure source of water
  • Supply of Sui Gas

B-17 Multi Gardens is the Best place

  • A connection exists between B-17 and Margalla Avenue Islamabad, located in the middle of Margalla Hills.
  • Both sides of B-17 are touched by the motorway and the G-T Road
  • CPEC (China-Pak Economic Corridor) is Islamabad’s closest sector.
  • In B-17, there are numerous mosques and schools.
  • We are building rooms, a swimming pool, sports courts, and restaurants at the B-17 Club.
  • Children’s parks, football fields, and jogging tracks are extensively planned for B-17.
  • CCTV cameras and patrolling security teams monitor a gated, secure community.

Plot Booking Procedure

The developer initially required the following when accepting bookings:

  • Two pictures of the main applicant
  • Two pictures of the nominee
  • Copy of ID card for main applicant/copy of passport if the client is from overseas
  • A copy of the nominee’s ID card/passport if the nominee is an overseas client


  • It took a while to develop an exclusive club for society members
  • Hotels, restaurants, and parks
  • Zones for commercial activity
  • Shopping malls
  • Universities, colleges, and schools
  • Each block is dotted with beautiful mosques
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Best location
  • View of the Margalla hills
  • Cooperative societies
  • An investment that is secure
  • NOC-certified housing society
  • Completed development work
  • An effective business model
  • Investing in this stock is a wise idea long and short term


  • Development took a long time


B-17 Multi Gardens represents the most exciting and significant investment opportunity in Islamabad. Although it was established in 2004, there were delays in development work during that time. However, in recent years, officials have regained interest in working on it. In the heart of Islamabad, it provides a luxurious lifestyle with all the amenities at an affordable price. Feel free to contact us if you have any further information and Multi Garden b 17 Islamabad official website.

Who is the owner of B-17 Islamabad?

Building 17 is developed by MPCHS (Multi Professionals Co-operative Housing Society). The CEO of MPCHS is Ch Abdul Majeed.

Is B-17 a part of Islamabad?

The MPCHS has developed B-17, a sector of Islamabad, Pakistan. Located between the National Highway N-5 (known locally as Grand Trunk Road) and the M-1 motorway on the west, this sector is bounded by the National Highway on the east and the M-1 on the west.

In MPCHS, How do I transfer a plot?

There is no problem transferring plot files between owners in the sector. The main office of the society, located in the G-8 district, is where you can acquire ownership of your plot. Your plot can be transferred on the same day if both parties have consented to the transfer.

Do you have a payment plan that you can trust?

Although possession has been awarded in most blocks, most plots have already been reserved and can only be sold at a profit. 

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