Capital Smart City sectors Balloting

Capital smart city sectors Balloting has been announced by the management of capital smart city. Now balloting has been announced, the balloting event will be held in 25 February 2023

  • Overseas East
  • Overseas Prime
  • Overseas Central
  • Harmony Park Overseas Central
  • Harmony Park Overseas East
  • Villa Apartments

Capital Smart City Master plan 2023

An acclaimed Singapore-based consultancy, Surbhana Jurong, designed this Town Master program. With 120 offices worldwide, it is consider one of Asia’s largest urban, engineering, and infrastructure consulting companies.

Capital Smart City Master plan 2023

Capital Smart City Balloting Policies

It’s first come, first served

As part of the Capital Smart City sector balloting, the Society is empowering those members who have the most leverage. Paying 100% down payment. The location can be chosen without a ballot. Members who have made a down payment. After making the 40% to 50% payment. Locations they enjoy most. A first-come, first-served basis will also apply to the location.

Land of Your Choice

Members who have booked after 1st July are eligible for Capital Smart City sector Balloting. If their payments are on time, they may be able to own lands on front blocks.

Outstanding Installments

Capital Smart City Overseas Central Balloting is only open to members who have paid 50% or more of the outstanding balance.

Eligibility For Balloting

In addition, members who have booked plots on upfront 40%, 50%, or 60% basis from 1st January 2021 are eligible for balloting, 100% of the time, It is also possible for these members to get the land of their choice.

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