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Located close to the Fateh Jang Interchange on the M-1 motorway, Faisal Town is a luxurious and modern residential development. Faisal Town becomes another successful project of ZEDEM after Faisal Hills Islamabad. This project quickly became known among people due to its location and simplicity.

There are world-class amenities and breathtaking views of the Margalla highlands at the Faisal Town home project. The Faisal Town project in the F-18 Sector is an investor’s gold mine. Faisal Town offers state-of-the-art amenities in prime locations, an innovative, high-quality housing venture.

Owners and Developers

Faisal hills Islamabad owners and developers

A new project in Faisal Town is being developed under the guidance of Chaudhary Abdul Majeed of Zedem International Private Limited. In the real estate market of Islamabad, he is the ex-chairman of MPCHS. They have a good reputation due to the B-17, F-17, and E-11 programs.

It is well-known in Pakistan that Zedem International is associated with the housing sector. In addition to this project, they have several other projects under construction across the country. Faisal Hills is another of their projects. As the development and construction work proceeds in these projects, the builders’ success can be attributed to their quality of work.

NOC Status

Layout Plan LOP approval has been awaited by Rawalpindi Development Authority – RDA for Faisal Town. Despite being located in Islamabad’s F-18 area, Faisal Town has received the RDA’s No Objection Certificate – NOC.

Faisal Town’s layout plan has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), and the Punjab Environment Protection Department has approved its environmental impact assessment. Upon receiving the NOC for a residential project, it is considered legalized, fostering trust between the community and the developer, and is extremely crucial to all the people involved.

Faisal Town Islamabad Location & Map

Faisal Town Islamabad Map

The location of a property is always the most important factor when it comes to making an investment or purchasing a home for your own needs. Faisal Town is situated near the New Islamabad International Airport, one of the most prestigious developments in the area.

Using the Motorway and Kashmir Highway, Faisal Town Islamabad Map is conveniently connected to the Downtown Islamabad area and the New Islamabad Airport. The New Islamabad International Airport is only five minutes away from N-5 GT Road. Alternatively, you may access the city through the Kashmir Highway or Margalla Avenue, both within a short distance. By the NOC clearance, the Faisal Town location has now been transferred under the control of RDA from Islamabad’s Sector F-18.

Accessibility Points for Faisal Town

From Faisal Town, the following points are accessible:

  • The N-125 passes through Faisal Town in approximately 5 minutes.
  • The distance between Faisal Town and Quaid Avenue is approximately 5 minutes.
  • The M-1 Motorway is approximately 19 minutes away from Faisal Town.
  • The distance between Faisal Town and Srinagar Highway is approximately 22 minutes.
  • From Rawalpindi-Kohat Road, Faisal Town is about a 21-minute drive away.
Faisal Town Islamabad Location

Faisal Town Nearby Landmarks

Among the nearby places and famous spots near Faisal Town are:

  • Islamabad International Airport opens
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • FatehJhang
  • Heavy Industries Taxila
  • HITEC University TaxilaCantt
  • Heavy Industries Taxila
  • The Pakistani Ordnance Factory
  • Wah Model Town

Master Plan of Faisal Town

All international urban property development requirements were adhered to when establishing and constructing the Faisal Town Master Plan. At Faisal Town, we offer a wide selection of Faisal Town commercial plots and residential plots, apartments, and flats. Residential Land size ranges from small to large. Residential plots are available for rent through the organization, including:

In Faisal Town, plots can be purchased in cash or on a monthly installment plan. A $15,000 registration fee is required to reserve a plot, and a 10% down payment is required. 3.5 years will be needed to pay off the remaining balance in 14 quarterly installments.

This complex originally consisted of the A, B, and C blocks. However, a second block called the ‘Executive Block’ has been added at the entrance to the G.T. Recent road development work, and price changes have already begun.

Block A

Most of the plots in Block “A” have been developed and are now in possession. As a result of the rapid construction of houses and Faisal Town house for sale, a large number of people are now living in society. Numerous commercial buildings, shopping malls, apartments, and villas are currently being constructed in Faisal Town. These are constructed by renowned companies such as Red Sun Associates, Gillani Associates, Win Win Associates, and Tanveer Associates.

Block B

At 100% possession, Block B is prominently located, flanking M1, where many have already begun construction. Due to this plot for sale Faisal Town block b, we provide our clients with the option of acquiring their plots immediately and starting construction on their dream homes.

Block C

As a result of its unique location and superior road network, Faisal Town Block C has become a point of interest for investors and stakeholders.

This block is also highly valuable due to its future connections with the Kashmir Highway and the New Islamabad International Airport. With a 60-Kanal football stadium and a state-of-the-art cricket stadium, Faisal Town has attracted more attention from investors.

There will be well-planned neighborhoods in Faisal Town, and Faisal Town contains a Community Club, Recreational Areas, Filling Stations, Educational Institutes, and other Amenities in its detailed Master Plan. In addition to having natural water bodies, Faisal Town also boasts magnificent vistas. The Faisal Town society provides many services:

  • Wide Roads
  • Sewage Disposal Systems
  • Water Supply
  • Gas Connections
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Colleges.

Payment Plan of Faisal Town

Property investment in Faisal Town can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make if you’re looking for spectacular landscapes and luxurious amenities. Faisal Town is the ideal place to purchase a home and retire in bliss.

Due to Faisal Town housing society’s location, development standards, investor trust, the pace of construction, and mega commercial projects, the housing demand in this area has considerably increased. Additionally to the residential community are several types of apartments and commercial plots. Faisal Town Payment Plan:

Plot Size25×5030×6035×7040×8050×90
Marla5.56 Marla8 Marla10.89 Marla14.22 Marla1 Kanal
Cost of Plot5,780,0008,180,00010,940,00014,080,00019,430,000
Registeration Fee1500015000150001500015000
Down Payment1,820,0002,195,0002,480,0002,920,0003,320,000
1st Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
2nd Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
3rd Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
4th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
5th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
6th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
7th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
8th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
9th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
10th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
11th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
12th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
13th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
14th Installment265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
15th on Physical Possession265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000
15% off on Lumpsum on Basic4,930,0006,970,0009,315,00011,985,00016,530,000
At the Time of Application4,665,0006,570,0008,750,00011,240,00015,455,000
Add GST14,00020,00027,00036,00050,000
Total Amount At the Time of Application with GST4,679,0006,590,0008,777,00011,276,00015,505,000
On Physical Possession265,000400,000565,000745,0001,075,000

What makes Faisal Town Islamabad a good investment?

People looking to invest in Islamabad can take advantage of Faisal Town. Since the society is part of the F-18 Sector of Islamabad, it falls under the Rawalpindi Development Authority’s jurisdiction. In real estate Islamabad, the developers’ reputation for delivering top-of-the-line projects and their successful history ensure that this project is likely to succeed.

It is most likely that F-18 will be declare a sector of Islamabad and officially include in the CDA’s jurisdiction as part of the master plan for the city. As a result, the project will become more popular and increase in value. It is not the beginning of the project, blocks A and B are fully developed, and the plots are ready for possession. Residents of the community have move into these blocks after the development work was complete, and all basic and modern amenities have been install.

There are a lot of benefits to investing in Faisal Town, and it is a top investment opportunity in the twin areas. Furthermore, the housing project is conveniently located within five minutes of Islamabad at the crossroads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is possible to travel. Adding a metro bus service from the region will also allow residents to commute easily to both cities within a short time.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are link by Fateh Jhang Road, which allows Faisal Town to become a central hub in the near future. After the airport was inaugurate, work began on Fateh Jhang, a 200ft wide highway. This road will be construct soon, and access will be shortly. There will be a positive impact on traffic attributes at the newly open Islamabad International Airport with this access road.

Development Status

Faisal Town Islamabad Development Status

For those who invested in the project during its initial phase, the project has proven to be a profitable investment option. Only two years have passed since this society’s owners doubled their profits. Another positive aspect of the project is its rapid development, as block A was complete in two and a half years.

Residential blocks and commercial plazas are currently being construct. The block is ready for possession, and Block C is being built at a fast pace. The files of plots in these blocks are available on the market at a profit.


There are plenty of amenities and features at Faisal Town that make it an ideal place to live. There are several large shopping malls in Faisal Town, as well as a water and gas supply that is never interrupt. Faisal Town features the following spots and places:

Commercial areas of the modern era

Faisal Town design to provide residents with a modern commercial area that takes care of their needs. Retail brands and entertainment spots are located in every block of modern commercial areas. In every commercial area, you’ll find well-known international brands alongside local ones.

Malls with branded stores

The luxury lifestyle is also enhance by developing new shopping malls in Faisal Town. Many amenities are in these modern malls, including elevators, escalators, security systems, valet parking services, and clean restrooms.

Electricity, water, and gas are underground

As far as water, gas, and electricity are concerned, Faisal Town ensures there is no issue for any residents. Electrical systems are underground to prevent inconveniences, while water and gas are provided 24/7 without interruption.

Wide Carpeted Road

The development of wide carpeted roads was a priority for Faisal Town to facilitate hassle-free transportation. Faisal Town developed a modern road network in its early stages of development. Street lights and side paths are also considered when building the main boulevard, double roads, and streets.

An exclusive gated community

Faisal Town has built a secure boundary to ensure a safe and sound living environment, keeping it isolated from external dangers. Each area of Faisal Town is separate from other areas and is secure by a boundary to ensure safe living standards.

Systems for ensuring the security

There aren’t many housing societies that are as secure as Faisal town. For Faisal Town’s residents to feel secure, cutting-edge security systems have been install throughout the entire township. Any irrelevant activity can be detect by CCTV cameras capture with motion sensors and night vision technology. Society’s security system is further strengthen by a private security force that ensures the safety of all its key points, such as the entrance gate, main markets, and society walls.

Playgrounds and parks

The importance of entertainment in any society cannot be overstate, whether it pertains to children or adults. Faisal Town aims to ensure its residents live their lives fully by providing them with entertainment. Several family parks and play areas are include in the master plan of this society.

Faisal Town Islamabad Playgrounds and parks

Institutions of higher learning

A nearby educational institute is another basic need of residents. The Town has therefore taken responsibility for allowing schools and colleges to be develop in its vicinity that is reputable and reliable.


Each commercial block in Faisal Town consists of magnificent mosques with breathtaking architecture, allowing its residents to fulfill their religious duties in peace. In Faisal Town mosques, hundreds of people can pray simultaneously for Jummah or Eid. A mosque is with a hot and cold water supply.


In a modern hospital, patients can be treat for a wide variety of ailments. Whether an emergency occurs within or outside the hospital, cutting-edge equipment is available.

Blocks of residential apartments

Residential blocks make up the majority of the community. Greenery and specially designed landscapes surround the blocks, making them more appealing. Markets, playgrounds, and clubs are available in each block for entertainment.

Center for Community Life

Each block in the community has its community center. It is possible for residents to book community centers for a variety of family events in advance

A combination of state-of-the-art development work, unmatched reputation as a popular investment area, and an ideal location make Faisal Town one of the most sought-after housing projects around. Among the high-end societies in Islamabad, Faisal Town stands out due to these factors, making it differ from Park View City and Blue World City. Several features of Faisal Town, along with its proximity to the New Islamabad Airport, contribute to the rising prices of plots. Developers are still tirelessly improving the facilities and standards in their high-quality housing societies despite having built such a perfect housing society.


Faisal Town shopping malls

Several of the city’s major shopping centers are only a 20 or 25-minute drive away from Faisal Town, such as Al-Rehman shopping center and Rafay mall on Peshawar Road. There are four shopping malls in Saddar, Rawalpindi, that can be reach within 40 minutes of the F-18 Central Park, including The Mall, City Center, Rania Mall and Faisal Mall. A 30-35 minute drive from the park will take you to Centaurus Mall, Panorama shopping center, and the Mall of Islamabad.

Bakeries and restaurants near Faisal Town

Restaurants and eating areas are currently unavailable in Faisal Town. It’s not a problem, though, since nearby areas offer countless dining options. For example, it takes only 20 minutes to drive through H-13 to get to Chick in Faisal Town. Additionally, it would take 25 minutes by car to reach Dera Khyber Restaurant and Noorani Restaurant in G-11 and G-10, respectively. Bismillah Restaurant and Naan Center are 30 minutes from Chilman Restaurant in G-9. There are also two famous bakeries near Faisal Town Central Park, Bake Man Bakery & Sweets and Tehzeeb Bakery in G-10.

Fitness, beauty, and outdoor activities

Within Faisal Town are various sports and fitness facilities. The Fitness Lab is located in H-13, just 23 minutes from Faisal Town Central Park. Driving 20 minutes will take you to the X Sports Center in G-13. A 24-minute drive takes you to Muscle Up Fitness Club in G-10.

Islamabad Faisal Town parks

A large football park has been construct to facilitate soft play of football outdoors. Residents of Faisal Town can also spend quality time with their families inside the community park with a jogging track or enjoy a peaceful run. In addition, Faisal Town F-18 Central Park is located just 40 minutes from the Shakarparian National Park in Islamabad. Faisal Town is 44 minutes from Rawal Lake, a famous picnic spot.

Faisal Town salons and spas

So far, Faisal Town does not have any beauty salons. However, Faisal Town is home to many renowned salons. Faiza’s Parlor, Maha Beauty Salon, and Depilex Beauty Clinic & Salon all take 30 minutes to get to Central Park in Faisal Town.

Nearby Areas of Faisal Town

The Fateh Jang Interchange is the closest interchange to the New Islamabad International Airport. The interchange is then connect to the M-2 Motorway and Kashmir Highway, giving access to Islamabad’s main road.

Faisal Town Booking Process

Those interested in reserving a property in Faisal Town should bring the following paperwork:

  • 2 passport-sized photographs
  • 2 copies of your CNIC
  • 2 copies of the next of kin’s identification card
  • Clientele from all over the world using NICOP

Faisal Town Property Buying Guidelines

ICHS Town housing scheme buyers are highly recommend to follow these guidelines before purchasing a home:

  • Verify that the Capital Development Authority CDA has issued a verified No Objection Certificate NOC
  • CDA documents must be verified
  • Make sure the real estate company you choose is trustworthy and reputable
  • In purchasing a home, ensure the funds are in line with the payment plan.
  • Make sure that water, gas, and electricity are readily available to you.
  • Ensure that the infrastructure is thoroughly assess.
  • Find out if you are close to hospitals, schools, and offices when you move to ICHS Town.
  • Take a look at how much security society’s residents receive.


The current development, possession, and facilities of Faisal Town Islamabad make it an excellent investment opportunity. The society provides a wonderful living environment for families with a very safe environment, all educational facilities, playgrounds, shops, and a wide variety of other amenities.

Rawalpindi and Islamabad are both within easy commute distances, making traveling between them easier. This distinguished housing project will also benefit from the Metro bus service. As the property price increases daily, it is an excellent short-term investment for people looking to double their investment in a short amount of time.

Let us help you find the most suitable location within your budget for investing in Faisal Town, Islamabad. As one of the leading real estate companies in Islamabad, we are reliable and renowned. Our Islamabad office can assist you with bookings and more information about all the top commercial and residential ventures in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Visit FTI’s official website to learn more about the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is F-18 Faisal Town Islamabad for investment?

People looking to invest in Islamabad can take advantage of Faisal Town Islamabad. As the society lies in Islamabad CDA’s F-18 Sector, even though it falls under Rawalpindi Development Authority’s jurisdiction, it is consider the part of Islamabad CDA’s Rawalpindi Development Authority sector. In Islamabad, the developer’s previous success in delivering top-of-the-line projects guarantees the success of this project.

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