Gulberg Green Residencia Islamabad


Gulberg Green Residencia is a new luxury apartment complex in the heart of Gulberg, Islamabad. The Gulberg Green Islamabad is one of the excellent places to stay in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, but I think it’s also incredible in Islamabad. Gulberg Greens is one of the most popular and largest societies in Pakistan. Investors and the general public were attracted to the society because of its reputation and quality of work. In addition to its prime location, Gulberg Green Islamabad will be a major hub for residences and businesses in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

As a sub-project of Gulberg Greens, Gulberg Residencia is part of the Gulberg residential complex. People are starting to live in 75% of the developed areas. There are few housing societies as luxurious as this one in Islamabad. Islamabad’s attractive views make society more beautiful. This housing society looks beautiful and clean thanks to the fresh breeze.

Good things in life are scarce, so many people yearn for them and the Gulberg dream villa is one of them. Dream Villas are Ultra Luxury Villas located within Gulberg Green Residencia Map. However, Gulberg villas are truly a great investment as they provide easy access to all their residents as Islamabad air terminal is only 15-20 minutes drive away and GTR is only 05 minutes away.

Among these high esteemed rarities is a Gulberg villa. The Gulberg Green Dream Villas offers 05 Marla villas having 02 floors and 3 bedrooms with balconies, inter-wood kitchens with state-of-the-art electrical systems, contemporary style windows, imported tiles, premium quality smart devices, weather resistant paint, and more to offer you the high standard of living you deserve.

As you enter society, you will find these Villas. It is marked by 05 Marla plots for cutting. Located in a peaceful and lush green area, these villas are impeccably planned and cater to each and every need of residents. The development offers luxurious one and two bedroom apartments with all the latest amenities, including 24/7 and lush gardens. Residents can enjoy all that the city has to offer, from fine dining to nightlife, within walking distance of their residences.

Owners and Developers

A cooperative society was established in Gulberg Islamabad by the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS). As part of IBECHS, this marvelous cooperative housing society was launched in 2005. IBECHS Phase III, Islamabad is the project’s other name. Keeping residents’ safety in mind, the project was designed to accomplish the task thoroughly.

In addition to Gulberg dream villas, Gulberg greens developers also own and develop Gulberg greens. As a result of their quality work throughout all their projects, the owners of this project already have a very positive reputation in the real estate industry of Pakistan. In order to provide their clients with a classy living experience, this project aims to meet all of the requirements of modern development.

NOC Status

An official NOC was issued for the Gulberg Greens Islamabad Project in 2012 after the CDA approved the layout plan in 2011. The No Objection Certificate was issued by Capital Development Authority (CDA) in respect of Gulberg Greens Islamabad. With reference no. CDA/PLW/ZONE-4(14)/2011/Vol.II/407.

There are also the following legal certificates;

  • SNGPL No. SGMD-355/CR dated 08-10-2010
  • WAPDA MOU No. 113-16/CEP/IESCO/CE/(P&E? HS-258 dated 08-02-2011
  • The Intelligence Bureau is sponsoring this housing scheme in Zone-IV, Islamabad over an area of 16934.31 Kanal.

Gulberg Green Residencia Islamabad Location

A prime location for Gulberg Greens Islamabad, it conveniently links Rawalpindi and Islamabad via the Islamabad Expressway. There is no other housing society with such a location advantage as Gulberg Greens. The Gulberg Residencia housing society in Islamabad is an upcoming advanced housing development. In addition to being close to the Islamabad Highway, it is also just a few minutes drive from Gulberg Greens.

Gulberg Green Residencia Location

Here are some access points:

From Gulberg Homes Islamabad to Zero Point, there is a 12-kilometer distance or a 10-minute drive, while from Abpara Market to Civil Lines it is 14 kilometers and from T ChowkRawat it is 15 kilometers. The Naval Anchorage and ChakShahzad underpasses can also be used to access the area.

Gulberg Green Residencia Master Plan

This project is made up of two parts, the first being Gulberg Greens, which is an Agro Farm Housing Scheme, while the second is Gulberg Residencia, which offers 139 – 1000 yard plots. Gulberg Islamabad provides a proper waste management system and ensures a clean society.

The developers have created a pleasant, serene, and green environment for its residents through the use of greenery and the planting of more trees. A total of 300,000 fruit trees have been planted, as well as more than 50,000 different flower plants. In Gulberg Islamabad, an IESCO grid station for 132KV has been installed exclusively for society. Both commercial and residential areas of the city have reliable electricity supplies. In this case, the community will not be affected if there is a power outage in the area. The community has also been equipped with power transformers.

Gulberg Green Residencia Master Plan

A hospital and clinic are in the process of being constructed in Gulberg Islamabad. In addition, Riphah International University has acquired a 600-bed hospital. Technology and equipment of the highest standard will be used in this healthcare facility. Heat, ventilation, and air conditioning systems will be installed in the hospital. Additionally, solar panels will be used to provide an energy-efficient environment in the facility.

A medical city of 100,000 square meters (approximately 200 Kanal) will be built in Gulberg Greens by the MBF Group, a Dubai-based company. Featuring 400 beds and the highest standards in healthcare, this hospital will be a university hospital. There will be a medical mall, orthopedic center, regional cardiology center, and recreation and therapy spaces in the first medical city of its kind in Pakistan. There will be approximately 100 medical and healthcare professionals, and administration and technical staff hired from Pakistan.

Gulberg Residencia

Residents at Gulberg Residencia are provided with the basics of their day-to-day lives. D Markaz is the main commercial district, while every block of residences has a small commercial district, a mosque, schools, hospitals and parks. It is connected to a wide road network, with a sewerage system and a drainage system. It also provides electricity, gas and water supplies, all of which don’t interfere with the greenery in the Gulberg Residencia. There are many green areas, offering a relaxing view and allowing you to breathe fresh, pollution-free air.

Residents can choose from plots of different sizes in Gulberg Residencia’s 15,000 Kanal. There are 21 alphabetically titled buildings in the complex. A section of Gulberg Greens also features 05 Marla Dreams Villas. Commercial shops are available in Green Residencia Block-D. As for D-Block, the Gulberg Expressway connects it to residential space.

Gulberg Green (Agro Farm Houses)

The Agrofarm Houses cover a vast area of 3863 Kanal. In the midst of a really developed area, this part of Gulberg Greens offers a land surrounded by lush greenery. 409 farm houses are distributed among six executive blocks within this particular section of the layout. These are the names of the blocks at Argo Farm House:

Executive Block

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E

Agro farm houses also combine residence and business. Farm houses with distinctive layouts are available in residential areas;

  • Jasmine Enclave (4 Kanal)
  • Rose Enclave (5 Kanal)
  • Tulip Enclave (10 Kanal)

Only 20% of the area is allowed for construction, and the rest is for landscaping. A major attraction in B-Block in the Gulberg Green Trade Center. There are also commercial Gulberg Green Residencia Map Plot for Sale in that block that are 40*40 in size.

Gulberg Commercial

Located along the Gulberg Expressway, it will serve as the main hub of the commercial area. Gulberg Greens includes areas for educational institutes as well. Taking advantage of the natural beauty, a site plan has been drawn. The city strives to maintain a high standard of living for its residents while providing all the amenities they need.

Payment Plan (Plot Prices) of Gulberg Green Residencia

Gulberg Green Residencia Map Plot priceare another major attraction. IBECHS’ Gulberg Greens and Residencia properties are among the best investment choices in the city due to their excellent standards of town planning, modern lifestyle, and profound sense of security.

Payment Plan (Plot Prices) of Gulberg Green Residencia

There are various payment options available due to multiple revisions to booking prices. Initial plots were allocated to IB employees, and later a flexible and easy installment plan was available to the general public.

Prices and development updates for Gulberg Green Residencia Islamabad

The current state of development:

BlockPlot SizeStates
A7.10 Marla 1, 2 Kanal30%
B7.10 Marla 1, 2 Kanal30%
C7.10 Marla 1 Kanal60% Possession
E1 kanal95% Possession
F7.10 Marla90% Possession
G7.10 Marla80%
H7.10 Marla20%
I7.10 Marla95%
J7.10 Marla 1 kanal90% Possession
K7.10.12 Marla 1 KanalNone
L7.10.12 Marla 1 kanal80% Possession
M7 Marla75%
N7.10 Marla15%
O7.10.12 Marla 1 Kanal30%
P7.10 Marla 1 kanal10%
Q10 Marla 1 kanal60%
R7.10.12 Marla60%
S1 kanal50%
T10 Marla 1 kanal50%
V7.10 Marla75% Possession
AA5.6 marlaNone

Block A

There are 250 plots (1-Kanal) here in possession of the developer. A 50% completion rate has been achieved on the development work.

In this block, 10% of the space is not in possession of the developer. Plot owners may be moved to another block in the near future.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla45 to 55
10 Marla70 to 80
1 Kanal125 to 140
2 Kanal190 to 225

Executives in Block A

Currently, it is not developed.  Possession is also not available.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla45 to 72
10 Marla70 to 80
1, 2 Kanal90 to 130, 140 to 160

Block B

We have completed the development of 120 plots measuring 1 Kanal in this block.  It has yet to be announced when these will be available for possession. There is still work to be done on 90% of Block B. There are no litigation issues with this land. The development work will begin as soon as the machinery involved in other blocks becomes available.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla45 to 50
10 Marla60 to 70
1 Kanal90 to 130

Block C

All development work has been completed in this block. Additionally, possession has been granted for a 12 Marla plot and a 1 Kanal plot.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla54 to 65
10 Marla65 to 95
12 Marla90 to 100
1 Kanal130 to 150

Block D

Commercial activity is centered in this block. Currently, there are at least 10 projects in progress. Construction has been completed. There is usually no resale market for auctioned plots, which indicates their popularity.

Block E

There is only 1 Kanal Plot in this Block. It has been estimated that 80% of the development work has been completed. All areas are in possession. A number of end-users are interested in constructing their homes in Block E in the near future. It has already built at least 15 homes.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
1 Kanal140 to 180

Block F

80% of the development work has been completed and ownership has been granted to the respective owners.

Genuine buyers looking for smaller plots are attracted to the block.  Houses are being constructed at a rapid pace, with some of them already up and running.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla60 to 80
10 Marla75 to 105

Block G

There is only 15% completion of development work here.  Possession cannot be obtained.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla38 to 55
10 Marla55 to 70

Block H

A 25% completion rate has been achieved on the development work. The property is not in possession.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla40 to 50
10 Marla70 to 80

Block I

This block is popular among end-users who want plots because of its smaller size and 85% completion rate.

There are currently only a few families living on the block, but 50 units are under construction. Moreover, Block I occupies a prime location.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla65 to 75
10 Marla80 to 120

Block J

A 20% completion rate has been achieved for the development work. Plots that have been developed have also been granted possession.

Five houses are currently being constructed.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
1 Kanal/Developed125 to 160

Block K

There is still work to be done here before development gets underway.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla35 to 45
10 Marla55 to 65
12 Marla65 to 80

Block L

Plots of 7 and 10 marlas have been granted possession in Block L, which has been developed to 70%. Many units are currently being constructed.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla50 to 60
10 Marla60 to 75
12 Marla70 to 80

Block M

The development of 60% of the area has been completed. Recently, 100 plots measuring 7 marlas were announced as being in the possession of the developer. Developers have other blocks on their priority list, so similar activity here will likely take longer than expected.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla35 to 55
10 Marla45 to 50

Block N

There have only been a 5% completion of development work here.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla40 to 50
10 Marla55 to 65
1 Kanal80 to 100

Block O

Thirty percent of the development work is still left to be done. A plot of 10 Marla has been granted for possession.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla35 to 40
10 Marla45 to 80
12 Marla44 to 50

Block P

This Block has only 30% of its development work done. Plots have not yet been granted possession. Since it is located at the edge of society, prices here are low, making it one of the most happening blocks. In spite of this, some consider the block favorable due to its height.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla28 to 47
10 Marla12 Marla36 to 65, 40 to 50
1 Kanal55 to 80

Block Q

There has been only a 20% completion rate of the development work so far. Possession cannot be taken.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla45 to 55
10 Marla45 to 55
1 Kanal70 to 100

Block R

It is estimated that 40% of the block is finished, and the plots are available for possession as well.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla33 to 45
10 Marla60 to 75

Block S

Currently, possession is not available for Block S, which has been developed over 20%.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
1 Kanal60 to 80

Block T

A 7-marla plot and a 10-marla plot have been constructed to 75%; possession has been granted.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla38 to 46
10 Marla50 to 65
1 Kanal60 to 100

Block V

A 60% completion rate has been achieved for development here.  All plot sizes are available for possession.

Plot sizePrice range in PKR (Lacs)
7 Marla32 to 50
10 Marla45 to 65
12 Marla65 to 80

Amenities & Features at Gulberg Residencia

Residents and investors enjoy world-class amenities in this community. Luxurious feature of Gulberg Green Residencia Islamabad will be enjoyed by theirresidents.

Amenities & Features at Gulberg Residencia

Health care facilities

Health services have been given special attention by society’s developers. Developing a hospital of this caliber is the goal of the developers. Our emergency room is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by experienced physicians.


Education at an international level should be provided to youngsters. Professionals and skilled professionals are needed to deliver the best education.


The residential society has taken into account the residents’ water needs. A large amount of water will be stored in water tanks for daily use by residents. Each block will have a water filtration plant so that pure drinking water is available.

Residencia Grid Station Gulberg

Residents of Gulberg Islamabad have access to a nonstop power supply from their own 132KV grid station. Availability of underground electricity systems seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

24/7 Security

The residents’ safety will be safeguarded by security guards and CCTV cameras, along with a central security command center.


For the religious needs of the residents of the society, a beautifully designed and architecturally pleasing mosque will be built. Generally speaking, all blocks at Gulberg Residencia Islamabad are to have a mosque, as per CDA bylaws


During this time, families and especially children will enjoy spending time in these parks and live a happy and healthy lifestyle according to CDA by-laws.

A Market for Mini-Commercials (C-Class)

In addition to mini commercial, Gulberg residence also fulfills these basic needs as a market for C-class apartments. Every residential block in Gulberg residential is equipped with a mini-market (C class).

Streets & Roads

Gulberg residence has its own network of wide streets and roads that connect blocks to blocks. Maximum residential blocks of Gulberg residence are connected by 120 feet wide circular avenue. They also have 120-foot and 100-foot wide roads and 40- to 60-foot wide streets, which provide convenience for their residents.


It is now regarded as one of Pakistan’s top societies due to its location on Islamabad’s main highway. The stunning scenic beauty, excellent infrastructure, and timely development have contributed to its outstanding reputation. Gulberg greens Islamabad is a popular choice among buyers seeking the perfect property.

Designed in such a way as to blend nature’s boundless beauty with all the luxury you could ever dream of, the Gulberg residence in Islamabad is everything you’ve ever imagined. With a limited time period, Gulberg green is a rapidly developing real estate project. The house is equipped with all the amenities of a home and has high investment potential. This makes buying a plot in Gulberg green an excellent decision.

What makes Gulberg Greens Islamabad a smart investment?

Real Estate is honored by the Gulberg Residencia project. Investors will earn a profit from this project in the future. This project will increase the durability of people’s lifestyles.
Investments in Gulberg residences are safest. This affordable housing society offers a payment plan. With luxury features and amenities, it offers a clean, green environment. In terms of infrastructure, Gulberg Residencia sets the standard. In terms of real estate investment, Gulberg Residencia is the best choice.

What is the difference between Gulberg Green and Gulberg Residencia?

The difference between Gluberg Green and Gulberg Residencia are very clear. A farmhouse at Gulberg Greens can range in size from 4 Kanal to as much as 13.5 Kanal. At Gulberg Residencia, residents can choose between homes measuring between 5 Marla and 2 Kanal.

Is Gulberg Green approved by CDA?

Gulberg Greens Farm Housing Scheme was granted NOC by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). A scheme sponsored by IB Employee Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS) in Zone-IV Islamabad for 16934.31kanals of land in the city has been issued by the City Development Authority (CDA) vide letter No. CDA/ELW RP-4(14)201­9/Vol/1/178.

Is Gulberg Residencia a good investment?

Real Estate is honored by the Gulberg Residencia project. Investors will earn a profit from this project in the future. This project will increase the durability of people’s lifestyles. Investments in Gulberg residences are safest.

Who is the developer of Gulberg Green?

IBECHS is the developer of Gulberg Green.

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