Impact of Capital Smart City on Pakistan Society

The inflation rate in Pakistan is increasing rapidly, due to which people from different rural areas are migrating towards cities. Sometimes, people travel daily from nearby towns of the major cities (Islamabad, Lahore) because they cannot afford their residences in the big cities. So, there is a considerable gap between residence demand and provision.

In such scenarios, establishing new housing societies, e.g., Capital smart city, is a great opportunity for residential purposes and many other ways. Let’s briefly look at how this housing project impacts Pakistani society.

A Unique Project with Smart Features

When Habib Rafiq Pvt limited launched this smart city, it was the only city of its type in Pakistan and 4th in South Asia. They used different new technologies for various purposes, e.g., security, sewage system, underground electricity, water system, etc. They provide Pakistan’s real estate market with new innovative ideas. Following in their footsteps, other housing schemes are also trying to maintain these standards. This competitive environment in real estate benefits the Pakistani people because this housing project has set the trend to provide residents with the best facilities.

A Unique Project with Smart Features

Capital smart City Vs. Employment Opportunities in Pakistan

Whenever a new project starts in a country or a city, it opens many opportunities for employment in the area. The society is a comprehensive project at a national level with many constructions, e.g., houses, commercial buildings, parks, hospitals, mosques, etc. For the completion of such projects, several people (from Labor to Managing Director) are required. This housing scheme has opened the doors of employment for many people.

Commercial Hub of Capital Smart City and Pakistan Economy

The housing project has a large commercial area with many shopping malls, restaurants, and utility stores. So it is beneficial for the residents and the people from the adjacent areas to visit these places. Such projects are built not only for resident purposes; they maintain a unique environment for trading purposes for all big brands and small start-ups. Starting your business in the commercial hub of such big names can uplift your trustworthy image.

So we can say that this housing project has a positive effect on Pakistan’s economy by providing people with an appropriate opportunity of trading in a trustable environment.

Raise Pakistan’s Business Community Image

Developers of the society have collaborated with Surbana Jurong, a very famous Singapore company, with a series of successful projects. So, collaborating with them and finishing every step of the housing scheme is a good gesture for the Pakistani business community. This has built a positive image of Pakistan’s traders and business community worldwide, and more international real estate companies will work with Pakistani investors without hesitation.

An indication of a Pollution-Free Environment for Pakistani Society

Smart cities always prefer a secure and green environment. This housing project also has a motive for a pollution-free area for the residents. For this purpose, they have used modern technologies in every perceptive of life. Underground electricity, Sewage system, green belts, and parks are examples of this.

An indication of a Pollution-Free Environment for Pakistani Society

This was just a start by the developers; now, many investors are planning to make such smart societies, which indicates a neat and clean Pakistan.

Security System with Smart Technology

This project has upgraded the typical security system with modern devices and technologies. This is the only housing scheme in Pakistan with smart buildings and apartments with the highest security system.

Security System with Smart Technology

This step of the developers has urged other investors to do the same. Moreover, they have made people aware of how a well-maintained security system is necessary for a residential community.


This is a housing project with all modern facilities and technologies. It is a high-scale project and has many employment opportunities for Pakistani people. Moreover, joining hands with a famous group of real estate Surbana Jurong has uplifted Pakistan’s positive image at the international level.

In these days of inflation and the uncertain economic condition of Pakistan, when nobody is willing to invest, the owners and developers of this housing project are enduring relations with investors in Pakistan by providing them with a secure and trustable environment for trade and business.

This project is providing people with a pollution-free environment. The good point is that this is not limited to this project only. Now many investors and business personnel are trying to follow in their footsteps and thinking of establishing such communities to make Pakistan green and pollution free.

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