New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin


The King of real estate is launching a project in the city of kings. Yes, you guessed it right. Malik Bilal Bashir, the grandson of Malik Riaz(King of real estate), continued the legacy by starting a housing scheme in Mandi Bahauddin(the City of kings).

Mandi Bahauddin is a city famous for agricultural production. Its surrounding areas are full of agricultural landlords with a high flow of income. For a long time, they were in dire need of a housing scheme to adopt a better lifestyle with an all-international standard of living. The new metro city Mandi Bahauddin is a hope for the people to give the next generation a beautiful house in a secure area with all facilities.

Owners And Developers

The BSM Developers are the owners of this excellent housing scheme. They had a lasting reputation for years in the field of real estate. They have given many famous projects to the community with a standard living style. Some well-known housing schemes by BSM are as under

  • Gwadar Golf City
  • New Metro City Gujar Khan
  • New Metro City Kharian

BSM Developers are leading the new Metro city Mandi Bahauddin project. So, we can trust the developmental structure. Malik Bilal Bashir is working hard with his team to maintain the stake of his family’s reputation by making this project marvelous for the people of Mandi Bahauddin.

NOC Status

NOC is the primary concern for both the owners and the buyers. So whenever developers start working on a housing scheme, NOC is their priority to gain people’s trust for investment. As society is in the initial phase, developers are working day and night to fulfill all the rules and regulations mandatory to get the NOC status.

As all other projects of BSM Developers are NOC approved, it is for sure that they will also get the NOC for New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin after managing all government policies.

Location And Map of New Metro city Mandi Bahauddin

The housing project is situated on Main Sarae Alamgeer Road, which is hardly a ten minutes drive from the central city. It is easily accessible from the different surrounding towns so that people from these areas who have agricultural land in the rural area of Mandi Bahauddin and desire to build a house in a well-developed society can quickly move from their residence to their land.

Nearby Places

Nearby places are one of those prominent features of a society. Because if some big names are present at a nearby location of the housing scheme, then it is evident that it has all the facilities necessary for a standard of living. Moreover, it confirms that the project has the potential to generate revenue.

  • Some nearby places of New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin are as under
  • Gourmet sweets and bakers: 950m
  • Sat sitara chowk : 850m
  • Crystal marriage hall: 2.5 km
  • Roshan palace: 2 km
  • Family care hospital:160m
  • The distance of the housing project from some nearby cities are as under
  • Gujrat is 74 km away from the housing scheme
  • Gujranwala is 111 km away from the housing scheme
  • Sargodha is 102 km away from the housing scheme

Master Plan Of New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin

Only those societies become successful who manage their master plan by keeping in mind every class of the community. A community is made up of different categories and families. So, developers and owners of this housing scheme have organized their plans so well that you can get a plot of your desired area for commercial or residential purposes.

Residential plots are available in the following cuttings

  • Five marla
  • 7 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 1 Kanal

The commercial plots are available in following areas

  • 4 marla
  • 8 marla

Payment Plan Of New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin

The payment plan of society shows how much the owners are concerned for their residents. The housing schemes try to offer an affordable payment plan so that every community class gets an equal opportunity to live in a housing scheme that meets all international living standards.

BSM has a history of providing the best payment plan to everyone so that a salary-based person and a businessman can buy land and build a house according to their budget.

The payment plan of New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin is also very economical as the society has just started so it is the right time to invest here.

What Are The Requirement For Plot Booking In New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin

The booking procedure for plots in this housing project is very easy, and credit goes to BSM management, who is always busy facilitating the public as much as possible. For booking, you must contact the BSM directly or registered dealers of BSM to avoid any inconvenience. The following documents are necessary to report yourself for the plot.

  • Photocopy of National Identity Card (NIC) or NICOP if you are overseas Pakistani.
  • Copy of payment receipt (received after paying the down payment)
  • Recent Passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of Screenshot(SS) in case of online payment

What Is the Development Status Of The Society

The development status is under process. Land for the total area has been purchased. Developers have started working on a payment plan and master plan. Different plots are dedicated to the commercial zone, while residential properties are divided into different categories. It is expected that the development process will soon be complete, which will be a significant milestone for attracting real estate investors.

Some essential features that make it an attractive investment spot for investors are

  • Secured community
  • Medical complex, Education area
  • Well-developed sewerage system
  • Shopping malls with all big brands, Cinemas, and food areas
  • Gathering places for the community
  • Telephone exchange services
  • Parks and different lounges for getting to gather society on various occasions
  • Eco-Friendly environment

What Are Amenities In New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin

Quality amenities are the specialty of BSM. They always try to provide all quality living amenities for their residents. Following are the basic facilities they are providing in this housing project.

Security System

Nobody can deny the importance of foolproof security for a successful housing project. People are more concerned about their residence security. This housing scheme also provides a well-maintained security system to grab residents’ confidence.

Medical Complex

Health is a basic necessity. Sometimes it becomes challenging to move to an old city for an excellent medical facility. So, New Metro provides all medical facilities(health, Gynae, General physicians, Labs) within the medical complex area of the housing scheme.

Education System

Competition in the education sector has become very high. Everybody wants the best education system for their children.

The BSM Developers has strong relations with all big education brands in Pakistan. They have developed a robust education system in their previous housing projects. So it is undeniable that they warmly welcome all educational brands in society.

Jamia Mosque

How can we think that a Muslim society is complete without a mosque? So New Metrio Mandi Bahauddin will also have a Jamia mosque with hot and cold weather facilities to entertain the worshippers.

Parks And Gathering Lounges

A community becomes stronger when the residents of the society have strong communication with one another. Nowadays, people need more time to meet. Parks and gathering lounge areas facilitate the residents for relaxation and amusement time. So that people can make connections and have a fun and enjoyable time.

Developed Sewage Line

Society has included a well-maintained drainage system in its plan so that residents have a quality environment without being frightened of germs, dengue, and other diseases, which are very common in different societies due to poor sewerage systems.

Commercial Area

The master plan of the housing project indicates that they have many opportunities for the business because they dedicated a specific piece of land to a commercial area divided into 4 marla and 8 marla plots. Different shopping malls and other commercial businesses are part of the commercial region to facilitate the people.

Ready To Invest In New Metro Mandi Bahauddin Project?

We have provided you with all information about the housing project. We assure you that investing here will be a great decision, and you will never regret it, so if you have enough money, contact MBS for further details.


  • Investing in a project led by an experienced person is a plus point for real estate investors because such projects have meager chances of loss.
  • As society is in its initial phase, prices are low. Prices will touch the sky once the development procedure is complete.
  • If the purpose of investment is to build a residence, then we assure you that all qualities of a dream life will be available here.
  • If the purpose of investment is to make a profit, it will surely give you a high-profit margin.
  • It is at a center point between Mandi Bahauddin’s central city and surrounding towns. So if people from towns build homes here and want to visit their Agri land in their hometown, they can easily travel. In simple words, you can say that it is easily accessible for the Mandi Bahauddin city people and rural areas.


  • It is a little bit away from the central city.
  • It is developing, so it will take a few years to become a populated community.
What is New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin?

It is a housing project of BSM Developers situated on Sarae Alamgir road Mandi Bahauddin.

What is the development status of the project?

The project is under development and will be completed in the coming days.

what plot sizes are available in New Metro Mandi Bahauddin?

Both residential and commercial plots are available.
Residential plots are available in the following sizes.
●     3 marla
●     5 marla
●     7 marla
●     1 Kanal
Commercial plots are available in following cuttings
●     4 marla
●     8 marla

What amenities are available in this housing scheme?

All necessities, e.g., Education, Hospital, Drainage system, Mosque, Shopping malls, Electricity, and Gas Water, are available in society.

Is this society NOC approved?

It is in the initial stages of development, so the developers are working to match all the policies necessary to get NOC, and it is expected that Owners will get the NOC certificate in the coming months.

Why invest here?

Because the prices are very low at the time. But once the development procedure ends. There will be a spike in prices. So it is a high-worth project to generate revenue.

Is it safe and secure for residence purposes?

Yes, It is a secure society for residential purposes.

How far is it from the main city?

It is hardly a 10 minutes drive from the central city of Mandi Bahauaddin.

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