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Top City Islamabad is considered a significant development in the Capital City Islamabad. The smart city of Top City in Islamabad promises a lifestyle that every individual can only dream of. A rapid pace of development has been occurring since the project was initiated in 2012. Islamabad’s central location makes it easy to reach from all directions.

Islamabad residents will find Top City 1 to be a dream venture. The project has set a standard for residential development in Islamabad. It conveys an extravagant lifestyle in addition to cutting-edge facilities. Top City 1 has a strong reputation for being highly reliable, luxurious, and exceptional. In addition to Pakistanis living overseas, it also attracts people from other countries. The future of this lodging plot has been significantly impacted by a combination of prime area, edge management, and planning. While the venture was being developed, the actual work began in 2012. However, the market is currently clamoring for this perfect plot of land.

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Owners and Developers

owner of top city Islamabad

A new project has been created for Top City 1 Islamabad by Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC), led by its CEO Kunwar Moeez Khan. He has made substantial contributions over the years as a real estate professional. As well as being a patriot, Kunwar Moeez Khan is a forward-thinking real estate agent who cares deeply about improving the quality of life. In addition, he has continually acknowledged and praised his team’s dedication to accomplishing their goals as a visionary leader.

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC)

KMKC working strategy integrates the highest international standards throughout the design and construction process. KMKC is committed to establishing a high standard for honesty and professionalism in the construction industry. Engineers and architects with impressive skills have carried out their meticulous planning. Kunwar Moeez Khan Construction was responsible for developing KMK Towers and Top City, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to the real estate industry.

NOC Status

Investors are more likely to trust the organization in a society with legal status. Without NOC approval, society does not have any significance. Top City has acquired no Objection status in a short period of time. The RDA has approved the No Objection Certificate, but the lodging society has yet to receive a NOC.

The Department of Environmental Protection, the RDA, the ICT, CAA, and NHA have all issued appropriate permits. RDA’s official website provides more information about the NOC. You may claim any misleading information you find about society’s legality at any time.

Location & Map of Top City Islamabad

Location & Map of Top City Islamabad

Located at an ideal location, City Islamabad captures the beautiful scenes of Islamabad. Located along the southern side of the Kashmir Highway, The M1 and M2 motorways intersect here as well.

Additionally, this location is valuable because of its access points. It is easy to access numerous locations in Islamabad from Top City.

Listed below are the access points for Top City:

  • CPEC Root
  • New Airport Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi City
  • Zero Point Islamabad
  • Fatah Jang City

Nearby Landmarks

  • ICHS Town Islamabad
  • Capital Smart city
  • Mumtaz city

Master Plan of Top City

In addition to the Rawalpindi Development Authority, TopCity-1 has also received approval from the RDA. It will cover an area of approximately 9081 Kanals, split into blocks, namely Blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. However, due to security risks associated with the Islamabad International Airport, Block G was taken over by the Civil Aviation Authority. Furthermore, the undertaking furnishes farmhouses in addition to private and business properties.

Located near Islamabad International Airport, Top City-1 creates a visually stunning city with an intelligent design. It accomplishes its goal of becoming a planned lifestyle destination in many ways. TopCity-1 provides beautiful design and landscaping and minimizes the negative impact on the environment and surrounding areas by utilizing the latest techniques in innovative architecture and maximizing the local climate.

A circular approach at the center of the development emphasizes the region’s natural beauty. Luxury amenities are well-served by a wealth of lush green spaces surrounded by beautifully designed villas and apartments. Islamabad & Rawalpindi’s twin cities are famous for their panoramic views, and their contemporary architecture seamlessly blends into existing natural features. The rolling hills, views of the lake, and the spacious openness of Top City-1 make it unique. This thoughtfully planned landscape comprises

  • Theme park
  • luxury hotels
  • Health care centers
  • zoo
  • Mosques
  • and sumptuous restaurants.

The gated community TopCity-1 is safe, secure, and equipped with advanced surveillance systems, giving residents a true sense of freedom. It is the perfect modern residential complex with all the hallmarks of a pampered lifestyle.

Top City Islamabad Plot for Sale

There are eight blocks in Top City. These groups have eight blocks: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. All of these blocks contain both commercial and residential plots. High-rise apartments are available in various sizes at Top Cityplots for sale.

Different sizes are available for commercial and residential plots in Top City. Residential plots sizes are:

  • 5, 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Top City only offers 5 Marla plots for sale, unlike Top City. Below is a description of the payment plan for each size.

Payment Plan of Top City

Top-City Islamabad allows investors to enjoy the ease of payment by keeping payment plans to a minimum. Payment plans for Top City plots are categorized as follows:

Residential Plots

Residential plots for sale in Top City are available in varying sizes with different payment plans. Here are the Top City plot rates and sizes of residential plots:

  • 5 Marla plots start from 4.5 Lakh – 55 Lakh
  • 10 Marla plots stars from 20 Lakh – 80 Lakh
  • 1 Kanal plot starts from 50 Lakh – 1.50 Crore

Investors will be subject to the discount policy based on their pay. In this case, a 10% discount is included if you pay the whole amount in one go. In contrast, 50% of the payment is eligible for a 5% discount.

Plot Size25 X 5035 X 6550 X 9075 X 120
Confirmation (After 30 Days of Booking)450,000800,0001,500,0002,500,000
Allocation (After 60 Days of Booking)450,000800,0001,500,0002,500,000
33 Monthly Installments(45,000 x 33)  1,485,000(80,000 X 33) 2,640,000(1,50,000 X 33) 4,950,000(250,000 X 33) 8,250,000
5 Half Yearly Installments(270,000 X 5) 1,350,000(480,000 X 5) 2,400,000(900,000 X 5) 4,500,000(1500,000 X 5) 7,500,000
Final Allotment315,000560,0001,050,0001,750,000
Total Amount4,500,0008,000,00015,000,00025,000,000

Commercial Plots

Only one size is available for Top City – 5 Marla commercial plots. Commercial plots in Top City in Islamabad can be booked for PKR based on the amount booked. 2.67 million. Top City 5 Marla Plot Price in 11 quarterly installments, PKR. 26,666,000 will be paid for the purchase.

An additional 10% will be charged for corner plots.

PaymentCommercial Plot 30 X 40
Confirmation (After 30 Days of Booking)2,670,000
Allocation (After 60 Days of Booking)2,670,000
11 Quarterly Installments(1,500,000 X 11) 16,500,000
Final Allotment2,156,000
Total Price26,666,000


Top City offers high-rise apartments in lots between 10 and 20 Kanal. The price range for Top City in Islamabad High Rise Apartments is between 33 and 58 crores. Apartments are also available with a variety of discounts. Apartments at Top City follow a similar discount policy to commercial plots.

Plot Size5,555 Sq. yds.7,253 Sq. yds.9,779 Sq. yds.7,483 Sq. yds.6,805 Sq. yds.
Confirmation (After 30 Days of Booking)33,000,00043,500,00058,700,00044,900,00040,800,000
Allocation (After 60 Days of Booking)33,000,00043,500,00058,700,00044,900,00040,800,000
11 Quarterly Installments(19,000,000 x 11)  209,000,000(24,500,000 X 11) 269,500,000(33,000,000 X 11) 363,000,000(25,300,000 X 11) 278,300,000(23,000,000 X 11) 253,000,000
Final Allotment253,000,00035,180,00047,640,00035,980,00032,900,000
Total Amount333,300,000435,180,000586,740,000448,980,000408,300,000

Development Status

Development Status of Top City

The majority of development work has been completed at Top-City Islamabad. In the vast majority of regions, half of the work has been completed. Each block now offers 1 Kanal plot to clients. Further, one can see precisely how each block was developed on the right side. Several blocks are fully developed, whereas others are in the early stages.

In the lodging society, billboards with street names have been installed, so visitors can easily find their way around. All underground utilities have been completed, including electricity, sewerage, and waste management. Pakistan’s Top City is a central Smart City, incorporating all the most recent advances. These advancements include fiber optics, smart meters, e-health providers, public Wi-Fi, e-tags, and intelligence surveillance programs. Each of these highlights contributes to the excellence of this housing society.

Blocks A, B, C, and D of the housing society have completed all advancement work, while blocks E, F, G, H, and I are just short of ownership.

In addition, Top City’s construction will be much faster than the development of nearby housing developments, including Blue World City, since it utilizes the most recent technology available without compromising on quality.

Development Updates

A list of the blocks in Top City with their own characteristics, amenities, and luxuries is provided below.

Development Status of Top City Islamabad

Block J

If you’re looking to buy a top-notch commercial property in Top City, J block is a great choice. Commercials are only available on a 3-year Top City Islamabad installment plan in Block J, Top City-Islamabad. You must pay the 30% down payment and the remainder monthly.

Kunwar Block- Commercial

The Kunwar Block, at the junction of the M-1, and M-2 motorways, overlooks the Kashmir highway and is at the center of Islamabad’s commercial district.

Civic Center

Commercial plots offer unfaltering returns and, of course, high cash flows, making them more profitable than residential ones. Commercial investments are justified because residents are generally responsible for additional expenses such as maintenance and repairs since they cannot afford to lose money.

There is a guarantee of a long cash flow period for commercial pilots because of their longer rental agreement. Besides being vital in commercial plots, the rent records determine a plot’s worth, cost, and how a contract is drafted in the presence of a lawyer. If the rent is not paid, the owner has the right to penalize the tenant, resulting in a quick eviction based on the lease agreement. It is situated in the center of society and has all the benefits we discussed with you.

Block K

For most people, affordable, well-located, and easy-to-maintain apartments are the best options. Block J in Top City-2 has all of these amenities and more, a prime Top City location with a community lifestyle in Islamabad.

H Block – Farm Houses

Being surrounded by nature and feeling at home on a farm provides a sense of security and comfort. As a result of having ample free time when free from work, one automatically strikes a healthy balance between his work and family lives.

Farmhouses not only offer personal benefits, but they are also economically beneficial. Farms tend to be financially beneficial since they are versatile as farming lands. Located close to Pakistan’s capital, Top City offers a variety of Farm House options to its clients interested in investing and enjoying both luxury and nature.


Investments in Top City are aimed at providing quality lifestyles to its residents. Therefore, high-level features are being carefully planned. In addition to providing a comfortable lifestyle for residents, all the features will be combined to deliver an ultra-modern lifestyle. At Top City in Islamabad, you will find the following amenities:

  • Sceneries of breathtaking beauty
  • Continuity of electricity supply
  • Theme parks are included in parks
  • Security at the highest level
  • Institutions of higher education
  • Medications
  • Playgrounds for families
  • Sui-gas and water are available 24/7
  • An eco-friendly environment
  • A backup power supply
  • A comfortable living environment

As a result of these facilities and landmarks coming together, this area will benefit. People need to know what amenities are available in the community to make a purchase. The ideal option to consider from this angle is Top City in Islamabad.


Advantage of top city

The Jamia Masjid

Traveling to and from the Jamia Masjid is easy because it is located in the center of TopCity-1. The mosque blends Ottoman and contemporary architecture to create a masterpiece. Separate prayer rooms are available for men and women inside this air-conditioned and heated facility, which can accommodate up to 5000 people at a time, depending on the number of attendees.

Green Areas

To maintain TopCity-1’s image of being a green and clean city, more than 100 thousand trees have been planted. Green park areas in each block further enhance this goal.


We must recognize the importance of graveyards throughout our lives, as they play a huge role in communities all over the country.

Smart Health Care

As a result of competent health care, a health care staff can respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of residents connected to the hospital through an online database.

Security Surveillance

Mobile surveillance Control Centers with 24/7 CCTV sensor networks can mobilize rapid response teams in an emergency.

Institutional Zone

Living in a sustainable environment and a more responsive society requires significant learning. To learn, students must comprehend deeply, then apply their knowledge actively and flexibly.

With TopCity-1, our community, residents, and individuals in the area will access the highest and most current educational opportunities. Considering the world of tomorrow, TopCity-1 is prepared to meet future needs. Consequently, an institutional zone with state-of-the-art technology has been established.


A lively and joyful Zoo, run by a team of wildlife specialists dedicated to their work, is one of our guests’ favorite sources of entertainment and pleasure, especially among youngsters.

Why does Top City Commercials seem like the best investment?

There are several opportunities for Top City’s commercial area, which is close to the New Islamabad International Airport, to develop into a mega mall or a multi-use development project. A few of Top City Islamabad’s commercial projects include the Magnus, Mentmore Mall, and Prime Mall.


Apartment buildings can also be constructed on about 425 Kanal of land allocated to the Top city housing project. As well as being close to the airport, Top City is within walking distance of the city center. A short-term rental property or an apartment in a hotel can be found here due to its location. Capital Grand Heights Apartments, Tulip Square Apartments, and Time Square Apartments are just three of the many apartment complexes constructed in Top City.

Procedure for booking a plot

If you would like more information or to book, please send me an email. Reservations can also be made online. Get the booking form by visiting the society’s website. The form must be filled out completely to be submitted. 

The following documents are required:

  • Two copies of the applicant’s CNIC
  • Two photos of the applicant
  • Two copies of the nominee’s CNIC


  • A convenient price range
  • Overseas Pakistanis will find this excellent
  • Investing in commercial properties can be rewarding
  • Easy access to medical services


  • The distance between the Twin Cities and the surrounding area


Its prime location, features, and amenities set it apart from the other housing projects in its vicinity, including University Town and the IHC town. Its strategy to take advantage of the opportunities arising from constructing the new airport sets it apart from other nearby housing ventures.

Those looking to build a house in this neighborhood have one of the most favorable investment opportunities. Top City’s location is perfect. If it had been located in a different area, it might have been able to become one of Islamabad’s top investments. Our recommendation for this housing endeavor is as a long-term investment or as a short-medium-term investment opportunity since it has been well planned and has all the features to provide a bright future for its residents.

Millionaires Business Solutions, a leading real estate company in Pakistan and Islamabad, can help you book your plot in Top City so the transaction can go as smoothly as possible.

Who is the owner of Top City Islamabad?

In this housing society, Kunwar Moiz Khan, a prominent property tycoon in Islamabad, is the owner.

Where is Top City Located?

An intersection of Highway M1 and Highway M2 connects the housing project with the Islamabad Airport.

Are there educational institutions in Top City?

There will be an array of well-known schools and colleges in Top City, with solid infrastructure and competent staff.

Is there anything that will be featured in Top City’s commercial zone?

A commercial zone includes sky strips, corporate centers, shopping malls, markets and mini-markets, parks, cinemas, and community centers.

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