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Blue World City Islamabad


Blue World City Islamabad is situated near an interchange and Rawalpindi Ring Road. Blue World City, a budget-friendly housing project developed by an investment from China, will be the first company to develop such projects with collaborative efforts between Pakistan and China. This type of property will be more popular among investors due to its proximity to twin cities (Islamabad/Rawalpindi) since it does not require an extended commute.

Investors love it because it offers cheap houses with high returns on investments. As a result, it’s a wise investment choice if you want a high return on investment. This new trendsetting housing society is the cornerstone of the BGC-IGC Consortium. It offers everything you could need within its walls. With the BWC project, Pakistanis living overseas and those living in Pakistan can now enjoy an elite lifestyle at very reasonable prices.

Owners and Developers

The Blue Group of Companies owns the project, whose owner is Saad Nazir, son of former deputy commissioner Ch Nazeer. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company has signed an agreement with China and Blue Group of Companies for the project’s development. More importantly, Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is one of Pakistan’s leading diversified groups with more than 300 employees who contribute different skills and abilities. The ability of developers to enhance is well known. Founded in 1998, BGC began operations in Pakistan’s Lahore.

ceo of blue word city

Several companies are working with the Group to offer their customers a complete range of solutions. All administrations can be obtained from one source. Buying, designing, and developing real estate are included. Furthermore, we offer engineering design and development services, IT assistance, and commercial PR services for large-scale projects. The Group has a retail division as well as expanding into retail outlets and clothing brands. Long-term service has resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction.

NOC Status

A recent approval of the project was received from the District Council at Blue World, according to its management. As per the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021, signed by Governor Punjab on 11 December 2021, BWC Islamabad has been granted NOC by the District Council Rawalpindi. The current legal status of this Society is satisfactory.

Blue World City Islamabad Location & Map

Nothing is better than living within walking distance of Chakri Interchange in BWC Islamabad Location. Nearby is also the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The development is conveniently located along the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway. The New Islamabad International Airport is also within walking distance of the hotel.

Accessible Points

The residential Society offers some convenient access points:

  • Near Chakri Interchange and Chakri Road
  • The nearest toll plaza is Chakri M2, Chakri, Rawalpindi, 46000, which is approximately 13 minutes away.
  • In Punjab, Rawalpindi and Chakri are approximately 13 minutes apart by car.
  • In about 31 minutes, you can reach Islamabad Gandhara International Airport, Islamabad, by New Islamabad Airport Rd.
  • Rawalpindi is approximately 32 minutes away.
  • The drive to Islamabad takes approximately 33 minutes
  • Khanial Homes is approximately 33 minutes away
  • In about 48 minutes, you can reach Rawalpindi via the N-5 National Highway and Grand Trunk Rd.

Nearby Landmarks

This Society is located near the following locations and famous places:

  • University Town
  • Bahria Town Phase, Islamabad
  • Mumtaz City
  • Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Islamabad
  • New International Islamabad Airport
  • Capital Smart City
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi

Master Plan of Blue World City

Master plan of Blue word city

An international and national team of experts develops the BWC master plan. It has a modern approach to urban town planning, which makes it an outstanding society. Broad streets and extensive roads are part of the city’s infrastructure.

Currently, work is being done on the Main Boulevard and the Society’s entrance. Land clearing is in progress. Farm plots are for sale in the Society’s commercial and residential sections.

Residential Plots

  • 5, 8 and 10 Marla
  • 1, 2 Kanal

Farmhouse Plots

  • 4, 8, 12, 16 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 5, 8 Marla

Overseas Block plots

  • 7, 10, 14 Marla
  • 1, 2 Kanal

There are many blocks that makeup Society:

General Block

There are several options for investors regarding residential properties in this Block. A top-of-the-line facility and amenities are available in the Block, which has an attractive location.

Overseas Block

Overseas Block BWC is open to foreign Pakistanis. The design was in accordance with international standards, and modern amenities were provided. In specially designed and designated blocks, only a few lots are available. In addition to Chakri Road, Overseas Block has an entrance to the Society from the main gate. This simple access and unparalleled amenities make it a popular choice for foreign investors.

Blue Word city overseas block

Waterfront Block

The Waterfront District has been added to BWC by its management. Among the most anticipated blocks of the project, it is the latest. Nothing is more elegant, luxurious, scenic, or affordable than this new building. Blue City Overseas Block phase 5 & phase 6 is located directly in front of this amazing Block, making it a prime location for the community.

Orbital Apartments

A luxurious lifestyle awaits residents of Orbital Apartments. A beautiful location and stunning views make these apartments an excellent choice for residents. The building will feature top-quality amenities for residents to enjoy.

To enhance the view, the area has many beautiful amenities. These residences will be marketed and valued better with the presence of mascots, water parks, and Orbital Avenue. The area will also include public parks.

With amenities like these, the apartments are extremely affordable:

  • Apartments in high-rise buildings with luxury amenities
  • The stunning penthouse has been fitted with special elevators
  • Themes in interior design
  • Wide Atrium
  • A swimming pool indoors
  • Gymnasium
  • Relaxation spa
  • 24/7 service for utility supplies
Blue Word city General Block

Blue Hills Country Farms

The developers design peaceful living spaces for the residents. In addition to the region’s natural splendor, the farmhouses are located near an aquifer. These farmhouses are situated in a beautiful and natural area.

Sports Valley

New mega-complex, Sports Valley, has been launched by Blue City Islamabad, providing investors with new opportunities. The largest cricket stadium in Pakistan will be in Sports Valley, holding 55,000 spectators. A multipurpose sports block under one roof will give residents access to various sports.

A safe environment allows residents to participate in recreational and competitive sports events. At the Sports Valley, you can compete at a high level in a stadium that is internationally renowned. The project will also include a sports facility, a gym, a hockey field, walking tracks, and a gymnasium. Numerous investment options and sports activities are available at this sports complex.

Executive Block

The developers have made a premium offering with Blue City Executive Block, a block separated from all the others by a glass wall. The facilities in this Block are of the highest standard.

At BWC Executive Block, plot sizes ranging from 5 Marla to 10 Marla to 1 Kanal are available. This Block will be equipped with many facilities after the complete development process. Moreover, the payment plans are pretty affordable, making the project accessible to anyone.

Blue World’s Economy Zone

Business people and traders enjoy a serene environment in the Blue World Economic Zone. Offices can maximize growth and returns in a secure, high-tech environment within one compound.

Awami Residential Complex

Blue World City’s main entrance is adjacent to the Awami Residential Complex. Chakri Road is accessible from the area, which is in high demand. Several living units are planned for this development, including duplexes and independent units. The investment units range from studios to one-bedrooms to two-bedrooms. All amenities and necessities will be provided that will make the development luxurious and comfortable, according to the developers.

Awami Block

Awami Block has been added to Blue City’s block portfolio recently by the Society’s management. During the launch of this state-of-the-art Block, families and investors are directly targeted for affordability and convenience.

Commercial Area

The Commercial Area of Blue World is a prime commercial area in the country. The Commercial Area will provide an ideal business destination with diverse shopping, leisure, and entertainment options. The amenities offered in the commercial area are shopping malls, offices, outlet stores, restaurants, cinemas, and much more.

Development Status of Blue World City

As a result of the importation of heavy machinery in accordance with international standards, the development work in Society is proceeding at a brisk pace. Here is some BWC Islamabad latest news on how Society has progressed so far.

An entrance gate for the grand entrance

This residential project has the most prominent housing society entrance gate in Pakistan, which is one of the major attractions of the project. Chinese architecture and development are evident in this 50ft tall gate. Sales and marketing offices are located in ten grand towers.

A panorama of the lodging society and surrounding areas will also be viewed through binoculars and telescopes installed on the towers. Gate construction has been completed, and the development is considered a landmark.

Office of the corporation

We are currently in the process of developing the corporate office. The design is based on the magnificent Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The foundations for this 14-story and three-basement building are being laid. As soon as the structure is developed, construction will begin.

General Block

In addition to the leveling and groundwork, the available Block for the lodging society has been entirely constructed. There are street lights and signs installed along the roads and streets. Additionally, a water tank has been constructed in the Block to ensure the electricity supply. Construction and possession of the Block are ready.

School and College System

Management of the residential project has been tasked with bringing the best educational facility to the region. It is getting close to the completion of the FSCS Flagship Campus. There is no doubt that the remaining work on the buildings will be completed soon once the gray structure of the buildings is completed.

Gate 2 and 3

Construction on the lodging society’s gates 2 and 3 is currently underway. As well as its pillars and remaining work, gate 2’s metal structure is complete. Within the next few weeks, the project should be complete. As for Gate 3, the structural metalwork for the gate is also being completed at a rapid pace. This is a significant development, but the housing society has already achieved its initial goal of advancing Society at large. A continuous concrete RCC drain system, high water enchantment areas, and culverts have been incorporated to ensure an unlimited water supply.

There is also a vast carpeted network of streets, boulevards, avenues, and roads within the lodging society fitted with street lights and drainage systems. This Society also provides all necessary facilities for a comfortable life, including gas, electricity, transportation, water and sewage systems.

Is Blue World City a good investment?

A low-cost housing project like this will change the perception of affordable housing in Pakistan. The low-cost housing project will provide not only people with limited budgets with comfortable living but also luxurious amenities.

If you are still not convince, let us list the significant factors that can help you decide whether or not to book your plot for this project.


There is no comparison between the prices offered at Park View City Islamabad and those offered at other societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The easy installment plan of the Society makes lavish accommodations affordable for low-income families.

Installment plans

Additionally, Blue City offers investors of all classes of Society a variety of plot types and sizes, making it a very convenient place to invest. Many plot sizes and types are available in BWC, as with Lahore Smart City and Gulberg Green.

Facilities of the modern age

All primary and modern housing facilities will be available in this Society. The Society also provides its residents with amenities such as parks, cinemas, shopping centers, a cinema, and exclusive leisure clubs. You will be able to live a modern, luxurious, peaceful life by investing in this Society.


A carefree life can be experience in the BWC of Islamabad. There is no better place to relax than in the midst of lush greenery, far from the noise of larger cities. The environment will be healthy and natural, away from pollution, making it a perfect place to raise a family. The amenities and ambiance of the housing society are of a similar standard to those in Zone IV of Park View City, despite its location.

The maximum return on investment is

Due to the low prices and the Society’s pre-launch stage, now is the ideal time to invest in Society. When the project is officially launched and further developed, investors will see a good return on their investment.

The feeling of belonging

Many modern facilities in this Society provide its occupants with a sense of belonging and make it worth investing in. You will not only enjoy a higher standard of living thanks to Society’s innovative, strategic development but also win their hearts.


Islamabad’s Blue City is expected to be the city’s largest residential and commercial complex in the years to come. Modern housing developments should have all of the basic amenities.

Blue World Islamabad has the following salient features:

  • CPEC’s route project is expected to relocate approximately 2 million Chinese employees to Pakistan in the next three years.
  • Blue Mosque replica in Turkey: Jamia Mosque
  • This is the world’s largest themed water park, featuring an international standard infrastructure.
  • A police station has been established at the Society Power Plant to keep the peace.
  • We are maintaining roads in good condition.
  • The city has designated a public transportation system.
  • Paved walking paths
  • Utilities underground distribution
  • A security system that cannot be broken
  • A boundary wall with gates and pharmacies, along with the best community hospitals and pharmacies in the region
  • Nurses and doctors with high qualifications
  • Educational establishments of the highest quality

A Blue mosque

Turkey’s Blue Mosque is replicate in Blue WC Islamabad. 104 Kanal of land is being developed for this mosque. It will have a specific covered area like the original mosque, evoking the same awe and religious and spiritual experience that remain the hallmarks of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque.

Water Theme Park

Blue World Water Theme Park is located on 70,000 square meters of hilly terrain with natural contours and features 20 world-class rides, a kid’s play area, and a variety of fast food brands.

Zoo and Night Safari

There will be a night safari at Blue World, comprised of the most exciting and exotic breeds of animals, a safari express, a play area for children, restaurants and more. This will be the first night safari and zoo of its kind in Pakistan.

Mascots of horses

The Horse Mascots at Blue World City will stand 125 feet high, making them Pakistan’s tallest sculptures. A spacious parking lot will surround the sculptures, and a food court and a green meadow will surround them. A museum for the patronage of arts and artists will be located in the basement of Horse Mascots.

Blue World Trade Center

As the first property exchange tower built by the BGC-IGC in Pakistan, the Blue World Trade Center would be the first of its kind. This development is intended to establish a hub for business in the real estate sector by constructing a mix-use smart-building structure equipped with all the necessary amenities.

RUMI’S Square

An iconic sculpture of Maulana Rumi in his dervish swirl posture occupies one of the city’s main squares in remembrance of the great saint. Night-lit sculptures such as this 70-foot-tall one will mesmerize visitors.

File verification for Blue City

Providing easy access to complex information is one of Millionaires Business Solutions’ services for Pakistani citizens. This communication aims to inform you about a simple process for verifying Blue City files.

Also, Pakistanis living abroad can easily verify their files and approach living abroad. Verify your file by following the steps below:

  • To verify your BWC file registration, you can contact us.
  • You can also do so if you want to verify your file directly with Blue WC management.
  • Furthermore, you are welcome to visit our office. In regards to the verification of BWC files, we will answer your questions.

What is the importance of file verification?

  • Keeping you safe from scams
  • Keeping your finances safe from financial fraud
  • Investing for the long term
  • Financial losses will not be a concern for you
  • A legal property must be Buy

Procedure for booking

Blue World’s requires the following documentation to book a land:

  • You will need two passport-size photos
  • There are two copies of the NIC
  • Any kin’s NIC should be provided two copies
  • Overseas Pakistani national ID card in two copies


Blue World City Islamabad, a Millionaires Business Solutions housing society, is an ideal housing society for Pakistanis. The beautiful part about this society is that it is affordable and fully equipped with all the modern conveniences you could ever need. Many people, from the elite to the lower classes, buy plots from the company.

Blue World City’s payment scheme also attracts eager investors to reserve plots. A big return on investment is guaranteed with Blue World Islamabad. The fact that this condominium complex has a lot of amenities is another reason.

Is Blue World City Islamabad approved?

The District Council recently approved Blue World City. By Local Bodies Ordinance 2021, the letter has the reference number RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148.

Which Block is best in blue world city Islamabad?

By comparing BWC Other Block with Blue World City Waterfront Block, you must have understood better why you should invest in BWC Waterfront Block. According to Millionaires Business Solutions, a Waterfront Block investment is one of the best investment opportunities in Islamabad.

Who is the owner of Blue World City Islamabad?

The Blue Group of Companies owns BWC Islamabad. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, a Chinese firm, is building this monumental project.

Is Blue World City a good investment?

In Islamabad, Blue World City (BWC) is ideal for real estate investors. Due to:
High return on investment
Easy Installment Plan
Modern age facilities
Eco-Friendly Environment

What is the future of Blue World City?

This company has experienced consistent growth over the last five years, suggesting a bright future. The area is experiencing rapid land acquisitions and urbanization due to increased land prices.
Investors looking for excellent investment properties in Twin Cities strongly recommend considering the BWC – RDA Approved. Undoubtedly, the price would rise quickly, providing a very high return on investment.

How do I verify a Blue World City file?

To verify your BWC file registration, you can contact us.
It is also possible to verify files directly with BWC management.
You can also visit our office. If you have any questions regarding the verification of BWC files, we will be able to assist you.

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