Capital Smart City Islamabad


Welcome to Capital Smart City Islamabad, Pakistan’s first-ever smart city. It’s a high-level society with a friendly environment and world-class luxury living features. Modern development and unique features have made this one of Pakistan’s most famous housing societies. Get a chance to invest in residential and commercial properties for a future idealized lifestyle.

Society is the perfect place to live, work, and play. The RDA approves the modern residential and commercial society, giving you the best opportunity for an excellent real estate investment here. Thembs real estate is a platform that helps people find the best properties for sale in their city.

Owners and Developers

Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL) and Future Developments Holdings (FDH) is the developer of This society project. They are building a smart city in Pakistan. Their team’s innovative ideas are based on some of the most specialized knowledge and renowned experience. Bahria Town, DHA in Islamabad & several other projects are developed by HRL, a well-known name in the Pakistani real estate industry.

Future Developments Holdings (FDH):

Real estate and asset management company Future Developments Holdings (FDH) has earned a strong reputation in Pakistan. The FDH offers luxury housing societies at an affordable price that offers a good return on investment. Their company has an international standard and adheres to self-sustainability. At CSC, they value quality over quantity and provide their residents with a secure and convenient lifestyle through exquisite designs and finishes.

Future Developments Holdings (FDH)

Furthermore, FDH has been registered under the 1984 Companies Ordinance, which enables them to operate more efficiently. With over a decade of experience in real estate and leadership, two of the best real estate companies are influencing the company. Both companies are Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL) and China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group LTD (CLIC). FDH embodies the latest technologies in all the projects it develops and installs.

Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL):

Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL) is the most prominent among Pakistani real estate companies. Keeping their clients’ needs and requirements in mind, they provide services. HRL has been developing modern construction projects for over six decades. They have undertaken various projects, Including power plants, Airports, Housing societies, and many others.

They are dedicated and responsible due to their experience and expertise. HRL has become a leader in the industry by demonstrating utmost dedication, honesty, and sincerity. Our renowned reputation makes HRL an ideal partner for all real estate development groups. Expertise is available in several areas, including;

Capital Smart city features

About Surbana Jurong (SJ)

Surbana Jurong is an established consultancy. Its headquarters are located in Singapore. In Asia, SJ is the leading consultancy firm. With almost 16,000 employees in its offices worldwide, it acquires a worldwide team. Many experts are employed, including designers, architects, engineers, planners, etc.

To create cities for homes, the company provides businesses and communities with prolonged opportunities for growth. Using the same methodology, the master plan for the smart city was developed. All residential, commercial, and entertainment aspects of society are accommodated in this plan.

A significant aspect of this Town master plan also involves enhancing the natural environment. As part of the program, a network of public transport stations with strategic locations, a cascade of high-rise buildings, and a Central Boulevard will be built. Ultimately, the smart project aims to attract foreign investors by providing a chance to live, play, and work in new, unique residential places.

NOC Status

The society has already received its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)! This means you can invest confidently and know that the society is a valid housing project approved by authorities. Recently, the society received an approval letter from Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited for the gas supply. This is great news and means we can finally move forward with our plans for society.

noc status of capital smart city

Capital Smart City Location & Map

This project is a new development that is being constructed in the Rawalpindi region of Islamabad. The project is located near the newly constructed Islamabad international airport, which makes it easy for residents to access the project. The project is also near the M-2 toll plaza, which makes it easy for residents to get access.

location of capital smart city

Accessible Points

The residential society has the following accessibility points:

  • Near the M-2 motorway (Lahore-Islamabad)
  • Chakri Road Rawalpindi is approximately 8 minutes away
  • New Islamabad Airport is approximately 40 minutes away
  • Thalian Interchange is approximately 45 minutes away
  • Fateh Jang Road is approximately 50 minutes away
  • About 80 minutes’ drive from Taxila

Places and Landmarks Nearby

It is located near the following places and landmarks:

Master Plan of Capital Smart City

An acclaimed Singapore-based consultancy, Surbhana Jurong, designed this Town Master program. With 120 offices worldwide, it is consider one of Asia’s largest urban, engineering, and infrastructure consulting companies.

Master Plan Capital Smart City

Capital smart city Blocks

A variety of blocks can be found in it.

  • Overseas Block
  • Executive Block
  • General Block
  • Harmony Park Block
  • Smart City Villas
  • Farm Houses
Capital smart city Blocks

Overseas Block

The Overseas Prime and Overseas East Block are two of the most highly anticipated blocks in Town. These blocks are located right next to each other and offer a wealth of opportunities for residents living abroad.

The Overseas Prime Block is home to some of the city’s most iconic buildings and attractions, such as the Overseas Exchange Office and the Overseas playgrounds. The Overseas East Block is home to a number of luxury apartments and commercial properties, as well as a number of world-class schools.

Both blocks are start possession by the end of 2021. This society is committed to providing its residents with the best possible experience, and these blocks are sure to be a major part of that.

Executive Block

With the inauguration of the executive block in 2019, this prestigious project was inaugurated. The project is a top-notch addition to the CSC scheme. The villas and residential units in this block have been perfectly integrated.

The executive block overlooks the Khairi Murat’s forest, one of its most distinctive features. There are residential plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 2 Kanal

In addition to providing maintenance and security, it is a secure and safe area for residents. With its educational, healthcare, retail recruitment center, and other quality-assured facilities, this prosperous block is a desirable place to live.

General Block

This block assigned plots for the general public to a smart city. There are also sub-expansions within the general sector. We have located the available block and are on our way to finding the overseas block. The plot sizes 

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 1, 2 Kanal
Villas of Capital smart city

Lake View Commercial

This society presents lake view commercials! These commercial plots are opposite to Golf Course and 180 ft developed road. For now, 4 Marla and 8 Marla commercial plots are available. So if you’re looking for a place to set up your business, these are the perfect plots for you. Don’t wait any longer, book your plot today!

Harmony Block

Smart Capital City in Islamabad now offers public access to Harmony Park Block. Newly constructed, this block has just opened. The map, however, remained secret. Public access has also been on the map of this block. It is also known as Harmony Park Overseas Block because it is close to Overseas Block 1 of this society. A flexible payment plan is also available for Harmony Park’s assets, including residential and commercial properties. This block is well-planned and beautiful in this society.

Smart City Villas

Developers at smart-city offer an incredibly unique ‘Smart’ offering with their Islamabad Villas. A swimming pool and garden court are featured in the smart Villas development. Among the features of the villas are smart lighting, security, appliance management, smart landscaping, and home safety.

These villas are near Islamabad International Airport and include the following features:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

This society Villas brings the concept of Smart Homes to Pakistan for the first time. In the future, residents will be able to control all aspects of their homes with a single device, automating every aspect of their home management. Villas also provide a more secure environment by incorporating advanced and imported technology.

Block of capital smart city

Farm Houses

Capital smart City Islamabad’s most expensive offerings are large and feature enough amenities to justify their price. A 10% down payment and the remaining payments will be make in quarterly installments for 3 years, just like the plots, villas, and other. All the amenities of big cities will be in the farmhouse block, such as utilities and roads, located near the new Islamabad Airport. Most of the land around farmhouses is preserve for greenery since they are built on agricultural lands.

There are two sizes of Farm house plots available:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal


This innovative housing society’s master plan includes the following districts:

Gate Precinct

Gate Precinct is its landmark gate entrance. The city’s grandeur becomes apparent as soon as you enter the gate precinct. Luxury hotels are available there, and the Vista attracts many tourists. Mixed-use buildings and high-end residential buildings make up this neighborhood.

  • Hotels
  • Educational Institute
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Recreational Park
  • Commercial / Retail
  • Mosque

Panda District

Panda District is located along the eastern CPEC route near the Islamabad International Airport. Mainland China will no longer be the largest Chinese market outside Panda District. Known as Panda Mart, it will house 2000 retailers in Pakistan’s first Chinese-themed Grand Mall. It offers large-scale logistics facilities that include 300 warehouses and spans a kilometer in length, funded by a logistics program.

  • Shopping Malls
  • Warehouses
  • Truck Service Area
  • Residential Apartments
  • Community Club
  • Sector Park
  • Green Areas
  • Mosque

Aviation District

A multidisciplinary area, the Aviation District serves as the hub for various programs across various disciplines. This zone caters to the aviation industry since it is close to Islamabad International Airport, which services 16 million passengers annually. Aeronautical galleries, an expo center, a museum, and an aviation school are all part of the Aviation District. A shopping spree at this outlet mall is ideal since it offers the latest concept of outlet shopping.

  • Recreational Park
  • Expo Centre
  • Mosque
  • Green Areas
  • Airplane Restaurant
  • Technology Park
  • Aviation Academy
  • Business District
  • Flight Kitchen
  • Airline Services
  • Hotel

Crystal Lake

It is in Crystal Lake that creativity meets perfection. Fashion, fine cuisine, and art meet in this modern-day bazaar with virtuous architecture, sparkling interiors, and inspired food. Besides amusements and experiences, it aims to be a recreational destination. Fountains, lakes, cafes, and hotels surround Crystal Lake, as well as lake walks and high-end stores. IT hubs will play a significant role in the region’s growth.

  • Healthcare
  • Commercial / Retail
  • Educational Institute
  • Silicon Valley Pakistan
  • Mosque
  • IT Tower and Media City

Financial Square

A major financial center will be built at Financial Square. A CPEC Tower, Pakistan Financial Centre, and Qatar Financial Centre will provide incredible opportunities for trade and industry. Islamabad International Airport is five minutes away, and two BRT stations are nearby. Pedestrians have easy access to the Rotary Pedestrian Bridge. Greenery surrounds Financial Square, along with outdoor spaces and an entertainment mall.

  • CPEC Tower
  • Apartments
  • Mixed-use Apartments / Offices / Retail
  • Parking Plaza
  • Jamia Mosque
  • Central Park

Healthcare District

The Healthcare District offers high-quality healthcare services. Businesses and individuals in this sector have the opportunity to advance their healthcare programs and to keep the community safe at the same time. Purpose-built hospitals place a high priority on patient comfort and ease of care. As a sign of scientific progress, laboratories are one of a kind. Shopping centers, restaurants, and parks abound in the healthcare district.

  • Designated Parking Area
  • Teaching Hospital
  • Pavilion – Food and Beverage
  • Laboratories
  • Mixed-Use Buildings
Hospital Of Capital smart city

Education District

Educators are the focus of the Education District in the society. Educators who use modern teaching methods to deliver high-quality education fall into this category. Due to added support services, students will learn new skills at this district’s career center. Architecture takes on a new meaning in an age where awareness isn’t limit by age. The city also has recreational fields and parks where you can spend your free time.

  • School
  • Play Grounds
  • University
  • Vocational Institute
  • Research Facility
  • Library
  • Museum

Lake View Terrace

One of Capital City’s most known locations in Lake View Terrace. Due to its waterfront location, it has beautiful views. An exotic location offering peaceful walks, boat trips, lake-side shops, scenic scenery, and spectacular views. The environment is easily accessible to residents and tourists due to its proximity. Dawn and dusk are also experiences you’ll have at this residence.

The Terraces

The Terraces is an entertainment, retail, and hospitality destination. The terraces’ atmosphere is enhanced because they are situated next to a lake. The region has restaurants, bars, coffee shops, street food stalls, and an interconnected network of neighborhoods. There is a lively atmosphere of hospitality and leisure created by the lake flanking the city on three sides.

  • Restaurants
  • Park
  • Sales Gallery
  • Palladian Residence

Capital Hills

A prominent district of CSC is Capital Hills. Located in the city’s peaceful center, this is where people gather for celebrations. A golf course and equestrian club are amenities at this community meeting point. Buildings and scenery are all part of the gorgeous land use theme. Villas are beautifully situated and of the highest quality. PGA Standard’s first Hills-Style Signature Golf Course in Islamabad offers golfers a challenge with its contoured landscape.

Capital Hills

Overseas District

Foreign Block provides a regional class destination for tourists and locals as part of this housing society. Financial Square is right next to it, attracting industry and economic growth. Besides providing CSC, it has evolved into an array of residential options that contribute to the harmony of the city. There are shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities available to residents.

Executive Block

Khairi Murat reserve forest is visible from the Executive Block development. The development has been designed to complement some residences and villas. We offer elegant homes with an array of architectural styles ranging from 5 Marlas (125 square meters) to 2 Kanals (1000 square meters).

With 24-hour surveillance and maintenance facilities, families can enjoy a safe and secure environment. The area will be one of the most desirable places to live due to its vibrant lifestyle, including amenities, shopping, fine dining, healthcare, and education.

Hill View Heights

Located close to the M2, Hills View Heights is part of the This society project. As its name implies, buildings in this town face the hills. You can enjoy shopping, dining, and outdoor activities here as well as work and live here. A BRT system connects it to CSC, and generous amenities are available.

Cultural Heritage District

As one of Capital Smart City’s most unique neighborhoods, the Cultural District is no exception. A major tourist attraction in the city, it preserves village culture and customs to develop tourism. The display of culture would create an atmosphere unlike any other. The neighborhood is bordered by food and beverage districts and apartments inspired by Mughal architecture. Its landscaped parks foster neighborhood life in this vibrant city.

Sports District

It is a multi-purpose sports region with top-notch amenities. As a result, distinct culture is formed from the combination of residences, recreations, sports, and entertainment options. The stadiums are designed to host large sporting events. Sports academies and sports-themed shopping pavilions are also part of the facility. Apartments and villas are available in this area, surrounded by flowing streams and nature.

Sports of Capital smart city

Payment Plan of Capital Smart City

The most significant factor in deciding where to live is the smart city payment plan. As money stands between average people and high-class and desirable living, the latter is usually out of reach. This matter is not related to this society. People can live their dream with an easy and affordable payment policy. Customers can choose from various affordable properties in a wide range of locations.

We offer a variety of housing plots, including residential tracts, commercial tracts, luxury villas, and farmhouses. In this project, prices are currently displayed for residential plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

A 3.5 year installment plan is available. Plot rates in this housing society are reasonable based on the available features.

Lake View Commercial Payment plan

Lake view commercial payment plan

Overseas Prime 2 residential Payment Plan

Overseas prime 2 residential  plots payment plan

Residential Plot Payment plan

residential  Payment plan

The Goals of this Project & Reasons to Invest

This Smart City has been developed to provide more than just a place for people to invest or live. That’s not the case at all! Aspirations and considerations are also included in it. It aims to improve people’s living standards and improve their livelihoods. A new era of ideal living is opened up for people through such trends and techniques.

People will be provided with these services through this project. It’s a new way to live, in which people don’t just exist but enjoy it to the fullest extent possible. As a result of its high intentions and purpose of improving people’s lives and helping them in all spheres of life, it has won the hearts and minds of many. Due to the project’s intention to improve the living standards of all people, not just a specific group, you can enjoy a splendid lifestyle while staying within your budget.

Why Invest in Capital smart City?

Smart Economy

Regarding the Smart Economy, the expansion will create nearly 90,000 new jobs and advertise a variety of exchange and business centers. To provide residents with practical and quick commutes on well-paved streets and enable easy access to Islamabad with an open transportation system.

Smart Housing

At Smart-City Islamabad, Smart Lodging advertises a high quality of living. There are private and multi-use plots for sale as well as a full range of services in an environmentally friendly and fully-developed society that invites local and overseas speculators alike. Around 200,000 people live in its 30,000 lodging units.

Smart Environment

In this project, residents have access to reliable and adequate water and electricity, which makes it an eco-friendly and self-sustaining development. Furthermore, the city ensures foolproof waste management and clean and green open spaces, with a maximum stroll distance of 500m around open areas.

Development Updates

It has been a busy couple of months for development work. Currently, the initial stages of the project are complete. Over 400 heavy machines worked around the clock to finish the work before the deadline. Here is a glimpse of the major development work completed so far

  • The construction of roads on the site is prioritize to make travel convenient. Main Boulevard, a 300-foot-long street, is nearing completion.
  • Four operational tube wells indicate the presence of water at the site. The facility also provides water for the area.
  • There will be no other golf course in Pakistan like Harradine Golf. Golf Academy and practice putting green are features of Capital Golf Club. Also, Pakistan does not talk much about golf. As a result, Pakistani golf lovers will have a golden opportunity.
  • Moevenpick-Hotels & Resorts: Moevenipick and Future Development Holdings have partnered to establish the Mövenpick Hotel & Residence in this housing society, Islamabad. Over 150 serviced apartments and 250 hotel rooms will be available. There are also four dining halls, meeting venues, and advanced fitness centers on the property. A total of two swimming pools have already been plan.
  • International Standard Park will be brought here by Freij Entertainment, a big international company.
  • Smart Houses are being built by an international firm, Trivelles International.
  • Rope Bridge Inauguration: The rope bridge connecting the overseas block to the executive block has already been inaugurated.
  • Providing 2000 gallons of water/hour from a water filtration plant on Chakri Road.
  • Building an office complex that includes marketing, engineering, and consultation offices.
  • The overseas block has already begun construction of a mosque, a school, and overhead tanks.


The society offers the following features:

  • An eco-friendly environment
  • Maintaining the latest security updates
  • Clean and green city
  • System of BRT Metro buses
  • Electricity supplied underground
  • Gas, electricity, water, and internet are all available 24 hours a day
  • Smart applications for traffic, power, the internet, and commute designed by CSC
  • Sports arenas, shopping malls, and five-star hotels
  • Residences with a modern and smart design
  • A world-class architectural design
  • Overseas block designated
  • Grand Mosques
  • Playgrounds, parks, and lakes
  • The entertainment industry
  • Golf course with 18 holes
  • Hotel & resort Movenpick
  • An interchange from M-2 designated as a designated interchange
  • Islamabad and Rawalpindi are within easy reach

Plot Booking Procedure

This is your golden opportunity to book a house, farm, or commercial plot in this society. Here is how to book:

  • The application form can be downloaded and filled out.
  • For the form, you must provide all the required information.
  • Three passport-sized photographs should be attached.
  • Copies of the CNICs of the applicant and his or her next of kin should be attached.
  • Overseas NICOP
  • You will need to submit a payment order, check, or cash for 10% of the down payment when you book the plot.
  • Complete the form and send us a check along with the documentation to confirm your booking.

You will receive your file within 30 days.


  • The NOC has been approved
  • Societies are very close to each other
  • Recreational areas and theme parks
  • Shops, supermarkets, and malls
  • The zone offers free WiFi
  • Traffic management system on a central level


  • High rates perceived by the public


Real estate projects are successful for many reasons, but the reputation of the developer and owner is most important. Having Habib Rafiq as a partner often means that investors have complete trust in the project. Most plots for sale to the general public.

A remarkable sequence of events appears to be in store for society and will contribute to its exceptional profitability. All members of society will also benefit from this comprehensive package. This society will no doubt be one of the area’s finest accommodations with its modern components and offices.

Is capital smart city a Good Investment?

This Housing society is good for investment because:
Modern Features and Amenities
Ideal Location
Environment Eco Friendly
Approved by relevant Authorities
Easy Installment Plans

Is capital smart city approved by CDA?

Smart Capital City, approved by (RDA) however, falls under the rules and regulations of the RWP Development Authority. In this safe and affluent community, all the basics of life are available. RDA has approved it.

How do I pay for my capital smart city?

Customers of UBL and Askari Bank Ltd can deposit their due payments directly into our bank account through online cash, check, or PO/DD. For us to locate and register your payment against your name, we would appreciate it if you could forward a copy of your deposited receipt.

Is capital smart city approved by RDA?

RDA officially approves this housing society. As the ideal living location in the region, CSC will offer sustainable and eco-friendly Smart living.

What is the future of capital smart city?

In the revised plan, 55,000 Kanal will become 100,000 Kanal, and 150,000 Kanal will be add soon. Harmony Park, Overseas Prime, and Overseas Central (Overseas II) balloting was hold on May 30th, 2022, at Serena Hotel Islamabad

Is the capital smart city a legal society?

Smart City’s status as a NOC has been the subject of several rumors in the town. On September 19, 2019, RDA’s official website announced it was completely legal. In the RDA Approved Housing Societies List, it can be found at number 45. It is thus official and authorized that housing society exists.

Who is the owner of the Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City Islamabad was developed by Future Holdings Development and Habib Rafiq Private Limited.

What is the location of Capital Smart City?

It is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, at the M2 Motorways intersection.

What is a Smart City, and how is it different from other cities?

Smart City is a new affordable home developed using cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructures. Furthermore, it differs from other housing societies because of its high-quality services, smart applications, innovative features, eco-friendly smart environments, and strategic planning.

How much is a down payment required in Capital Smart City?

Before financing, you must first put in a 10% down payment.

Capital Smart City total area?

It has approximately 55,000 kanals of land.

Which block is best in Capital Smart City?

The Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City Islamabad is the best block of this society.

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