New Metro City Kharian


Modern Housing project New Metro City Kharian is located in the District of Gujarat, near Kharian, along the main G.T. road between Kharian and Sarai Alamgir. Additionally, the developers hope to build a high-quality infrastructure at an affordable cost for all investors. This real estate firm also offers a fascinating location. As a first-class housing project, it promises all the comforts and luxury of modern life while providing the highest development and security standards. All the significant sites, including G.T. Road, Kharian, and Jehlum River, are nearby. An installment program is also available for highly affordable payments. As a result, investors have a broader ability to buy.

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Several amenities can also improve the quality of life here. The features of the Capital Smart City suggest that living here will be a blissful and lucrative investment. Finally, continue reading to learn more about the new metro city. Moreover, BSM Developers’ New Metro City Sarai Alamgiris an aesthetically appealing mixed-use development combining state-of-the-art facilities with immaculate architecture. The modern infrastructure of the city ensures a comfortable lifestyle for its residents.

Owners and developers of the New Metro City Kharian

Bilal Bashir Malik owns new Metro City. He is the CEO and owner of New Metro City and is the grandson of renowned real estate tycoon Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain. BSM Developers will ensure a luxury lifestyle for its residents. The well-known Pakistani developer, BSM Developers, developed the project. With Gwadar Golf City, BSM Developers began their construction journey. As a result of the success of Gwadar Golf City, the developers developed New Metro City in district Gujrat.

Owners and developers of the New Metro City Kharian

Additionally, they have a team of professionals who know how to create outstanding housing schemes. As a result of their quality and excellence of work, investors trust them. This residential scheme is, therefore, a beneficial and blissful investment. According to BSM, the edge of a home is just as significant as what’s inside. As a result, you can trust us to find you a lonely place that contributes to harmony in your life.

New Metro City Kharian NOC Status

Any housing society that sells residential units is required to obtain a no-objection certificate (NOC). It will be entirely legal to build this new society. Considering all other BSM Developers’ projects, New Metro City’s NOC will also be approved shortly by the development authorities due to the lengthy and complex NOC clearance process. Architectural planning and design will follow all legal requirements. It promises excellent future returns on investment and profitability in every aspect, making it a good place to live and invest. New Metro City’s NOC will be approved shortly by the relevant authorities.

New Metro City Kharian NOC Status

The document is crucial for any real estate investment for future residents. As part of their efforts to gain investors’ trust, these developers have received TMA approval for their magnificent real estate project. Under reference number MO (P) / 34, TMA (Tehsil Municipal Authority) Sarai Alamgir has approved the project. A major housing project in Kharian, New Metro City, has the highest profit margins and the most secure conditions. However, this TMA-approved housing project includes many residential and commercial blocks, so the project is suitable for investors and buyers alike.

New Metro City Location Map

New Metro City offers a beautiful and prime location. A GT main road connects Kharian with Sarai Alamgir in the Gujrat district. Despite this, the G.T. road is considered the busiest artery of Punjab and also connects various tehsils in the region. Also, this community is located in a neighborhood with some modern amenities.

New Metro City Kharian Location Map

A prominent area of Kharian is home to the New Metro CityKharian Map. It is located on the G.T. Highway, which connects Rawalpindi with Islamabad and other state cities. Karaian is a town in Rawalpindi District in Punjab Province. It is the administrative center of the Kharian Tehsil. Schools, hospitals, and other facilities will be nearby. New Metro City can be reached easily from the following locations;

  • G.T. Road Gujar Khan
  • The Mall of Gujar Khan
  • Gulyana Road
  • Gujar Khan-Bewal Road
  • Punjab College of Commerce
  • Mandra-Chakwal Road
  • Sukho Road
  • Islamabad Rawalpindi Railway Line
  • Gujar Khan bus stop
  • Tehsil Head Quarters Hospital

Master Plan

It is the dream of every investor, developer and entrepreneur to develop a destination that people will want to visit. If you want to achieve your dream goals, you have to plan for the long term, which means that your life has to be perfect for years to come. They have made sure that you are covered. The project begins with a beautifully designed gate that leads to a 150 feet wide boulevard. The city has a long commercial street that runs along the main boulevard, and both sides of the border are lined with beautiful green belts.

Easy access to all homes will be provided by a parking space of over 30 feet in the commercial area. Easy access to all the homeowners is provided by the commercial and entertainment zone in the middle of the project. There is a cinema, a metro marquee, a community garden, and several parks in this zone.

The 8.16 Kanal site is where it is located. People use a lot of different channels to access the perfect life. There are multiple locations that they rent out at a discount of 3, 5, 7, 10, or 12 per cent of their commercial rent. That is a great idea, but I do not believe it makes sense. The kind of thing that makes sense but is not circular is a series of 6 Marla and 4 Marla.

Master Plan Of New Metro City Kharian

The Jamia Masjid-E-Bilal is planned to be constructed by the project. In addition to being the largest mosque in Gujrat, it will be one of the major attractions in the area. New Metro City consists of four residential areas: A, B, C, and D. Those are divided into West, East, South, and North divisions.

The project provided plots from 3 Marla to 1 Kanal. There are multiple plots from 5 to 10 Marla. The minimum width of the road is 30 feet, and the width of the avenue is 80 feet. New residents will enjoy living here. You’ll find the most exclusive property in A block, where you can live in luxury. Having a business meeting or a stroll around the park is convenient since it is so close to the airport.

Metro City Kharian Payment Plan

The developers are expected to release the New Metro CityKharian Payment Plan soon. There will be no overspending on the plots, and all pricing will be reasonable. This project is hassle-free and simple to invest in. This payment plan can be afforded easily by investors. There are number of new metro city plot for sale.

Payment plan for residential plots

Residential plots are offered with a convenient payment plan. Plot sizes are as follows:

  • 5 Marla Residential plots
  • 7 Marla Residential plots
  • 10 Marla Residential plots
  • 1 Kanal Residential plots

The installation plan is for 3 years:

Plot sizeTotal PriceDown Payment36 Monthly Installments10% on Balloting
5 Marla2,200,000440,000427,228220,000
7 Marla2,800,000560,00054,444280,000
10 Marla3,600,000720,00070,000360,000
1 Kanal6,600,0001,320,000128,333660,000

New Metro City launches commercial plots

Investing in commercial plots is a good investment option that is inexpensive and versatile in terms of payments. New Metro City also offers golden opportunities. It is also very economical to buy. There is no doubt that the costs of this project will rise. Creating an agreement for maximum earnings is the best thing you can do at this point. Residential and commercial properties are available in distinct sizes.

Flexibility in Payments

When it comes to payment plans, plot size matters a lot. Easy installment strategies are also available for the ease of investors. 10% of the payment sum must be paid when the ballot is cast. A 15% down payment is required to create the reservation. Reservations are also straightforward and are currently being accepted.

There is also immense potential for this project. New Metro City was constructed two years ago by developers to provide quality standards in Pakistan. It is an investment project with enormous potential. On first-cum-first, you will find a top-class investment opportunity. It can’t be missed. Commercial plots are subject to a limited payment plan as outlined below. Also, the booking process has begun.

Plot sizeTotal priceDown paymentConfirmation(within 45 days)36 Monthly InstallmentsAt Balloting
4 Marla6,800,0001,650,000450,000111,600680,000
6 Marla9,800,0001,950,000550,000175,500980,000
8 Marla13,000,0002,550,000650,000236,1001,300,000

Overseas blocks

This housing project also offers overseas blocks to foreign investors to offer them houses. The country also benefits from foreign investors, as we all know. All investors are provided with several life benefits and an excellent standard of living due to the housing community’s dedication to providing them with the best standard of living. In the end, finding a place with all the features and facilities you need at an affordable price is crucial. There are a variety of properties available in overseas blocks, including:

  • 1 Kanal
  • 10 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Development status

Currently, construction work is underway in New Metro City. Advertisement of plots that have been sufficiently developed is possible. As a result of the administration’s ongoing development efforts, the community now has access to electricity, water, and gas.

The management of New Metro City has hired various teams of architects, engineers, and hard-working workers to complete this development process.

its an intelligent investment because:

A housing scheme in the Gujrat district is known as the Metro City Kharian. The first-class facilities and living experiences this housing society offers are also first-class. Furthermore, all amenities will enable potential investors to live comfortably and luxuriously.

The living demands of future residents can be met for various reasons. Furthermore, the developers will provide all the basic amenities and services to the investors. Future residents of the society will also benefit from the high-quality infrastructure. This makes the lifestyle here one of the most valuable investments in real estate.


This residential project offers several features. Here are a few of them:

  • Infrastructural quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Healthy living requires a fresh, clean environment
  • All the basics are available
  • Area for parking
  • Educative Units
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Gymnasiums
  • Gated community with many amenities
  • Beauty salons and spas
  • Floating Fountain
  • Professional staff & 24-hour security
  • An ideal location
  • Wall defining a border
  • Communal centers and commercial areas
  • Buildings for clubhouses
  • Underground & uninterrupted electricity
  • A beautiful aqua theme park
  • The Central Mosque is beautiful
  • Schools with international standards
  • Hospitals and health centers of the highest quality
  • Maintaining a sewage system

Facilities of the New Metro City

The amenities of this real estate project make it a worthwhile investment for investors. Here are a few of the facilities you will find:

Basic layout

All the basics have been laid out for future residents by the developers. Additionally, gas, electricity, and water will be provided to provide them with a better standard of living. Moreover, all the facilities will be accessible at a reasonable cost. As a result, investing here is nothing short of a joyous experience.

Facilities for health care and education

Investors and future residents can expect the most luxurious lifestyle from the developers. These housing communities will also offer education centers to assist investors in their studies. In order to provide quality education, schools and colleges must follow international standards. As well as enhancing the health of future residents, the developers have developed emergency medical devices.

Mosque of large dimensions

To assist future residents in fulfilling their religious obligations, the new metropolis has a large mosque. Additionally, the mosque will feature high-quality infrastructure, attracting most investors. Investing in the housing project could prove a wise choice in this case.

Environmental factors

Therefore, less waste is produce, and developers can build more efficiently. Additionally, the housing association will plant trees. Moreover, it will make the housing community more beautiful and tranquil.

Societies that are secure

Achieving higher life goals is also dependent on security. Furthermore, CCTV cameras will also be provided to residents for the purpose of recording all activities. Guards must deal with disruptive situations as part of their duties.

In the commercial sector

Commercial plots are given to the housing association so investors can start a business of their choice. Aside from focusing on high-quality infrastructure, the developers have focused on generating leads and growing the business.

Plot Purchase/Sale Guidelines

The following guidelines should be:

Verification of documents:

In order to prevent any misunderstanding or miscommunication, please verify all documentation to your satisfaction. You should always confirm that the developers have been approved by the authorities before getting into any property purchase or sale. You will achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring your documentation is valid by all means.

Maintaining financial security:

Ensure that your funds align with your purchase plan before finalizing any sale or purchase of the property. As a result, you won’t have any problems purchasing or selling.

Visits to the property:

Verify that the written documents are in accordance with the plot specifications before making any purchase and after ensuring their validity.

Booking Requirements

Keeping our customers trusting and transparent is the foundation of our business, so we recommend inquiring about the latest requirements for booking. There are also other projects in Islamabad, including Blue World City, Kingdom Valley, and Nova City, where you can book residential and commercial plots. New Metro City requires the following documents to purchase a property:

  • Photographs of two passport-sizes
  • Overseas clients can use NICOP
  • The National Identity Card and two copies of it
  • Your next of kin’s I.D. card in two copies

Investing in real estate has the following benefits

One of the most profitable businesses is investing in real estate. Investing in it offers excellent returns. Nonetheless, it must be conducted correctly for it to be profitable. In the real estate industry, one can reap a variety of benefits. The following are some of the main benefits:

Securing your financial future

Real estate is the sector where investment values can be maintain at high levels. This is if a person has an extra amount or an asset that he wants to keep valued high.

Income stability

A stable income can be quickly earn by investing in real estate. A property can be purchased, developed, or bought and rented monthly or yearly. Rent is steadily increasing, so it’s better than stable.

Easily manageable

Once an investment, it doesn’t need to be look back after on a daily basis like a living thing. Keeping your property from falling into the wrong hands of encroachers is as simple as visiting it every so often.

Income from passive sources

An investor can generate passive income by renting out a real estate property once they have invested in it. Rental properties ensure a steady stream of income throughout the year, uninterrupted, from investors who purchase developed properties or develop open land.

Investing in non-depreciable assets

If done correctly, real estate investments never lose their value. Real estate’s value increases every year. Large public or private projects nearby may increase the value of the property considerably.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides access to all basic services
  • Location is ideal
  • Property that is affordable
  • Locations of commercial activity
  • The salon and spa industry
  • Exercise areas and gyms
  • Playgrounds and grounds
  • Parking lots
  • The sewage system must be adequate
  • A CCTV camera system
  • A gated community with security
  • The educational units
  • Facilities for healthcare


  • Plot rates are high


A unique housing society is emerging in Kharian called the new metro city. Further, all future residents will enjoy an affordable lifestyle offered by the developers. This residential project is also notable for its location and payment options. The amenities, however, are also countless, and the prices are competitive. A gated community with high-quality infrastructure and eco-friendly surroundings offers everything a homeowner could possibly need. Last but not least, new metro city contact number +923000900130 for further query visit our official website to learn more about this residence.

Who is the owner of the New Metro City Kharian?

Bilal Bashir Malik is the CEO and owner of New Metro City, and is the grandson of renowned real estate tycoon Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain. BSM Developers will ensure a luxury lifestyle for its residents. In fact, the project was developes by the well-known Pakistani developer BSM Developers.

Is society approved?

Yes, this society is approved by Refer to MO (P) / 34 from TMA (Tehsil Municipal Authority) Sarai Alamgir.

New Metro City Kharian’s location?

Metro City Kharian Location is a housing community in Kharian at Sarai Alamgir in Gujarat.

When is society willing to give possession?

Upon completion of the payment plan, end-users will receive the first possession after 1.5 years.

What is the cost of the payment plan?

Is the housing society highly affordable given the facilities available here?

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! Installment Plans are available here.

Why choose New Metro City Kharian for residence?

Metro City is one of the latest additions to the District of Gujarat, near Kharian and offers everything a person could hope for in a city: ample recreational opportunities, world-class education facilities, cutting-edge infrastructure, and an ever-growing population. With its convenient location and stunning amenities, Metro City Kharian is quickly becoming one of the most popular residential areas in Gujarat.

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