Aiwa City LOP

We are glad to announce that Aiwa City Attock LOP has been approved. This is a significant milestone that we have achieved in recent times.After producing all the documents required for the approval of LOP, Aiwa City Attock got their LOP approved.

Now, we have a solid plan ready for how our housing will look and function in the future. Layout Plan (LOP) refers to the entire site, showing the building blocks, plots, parking, vacant spaces, entrance & exit, roads, gardens, etc. Thus overall indicating the activity of the whole site.

Layout Plan (LOP) approval is necessary from the development authority, this layout will help buyers and investors to see how the society will look in the future. Before buying a property, check the status of LOP approval on the website of the housing society. Without LOP, there is no credibility for the society and its developers.

Some benefits of having an approved LOP

Structured Development

The most significant advantage of having an LOP is the road map of development in the housing society. It outlines the location of roads, commercial plots, residential plots, recreational parks, and other amenities the society offers.

Land Utilization

To avoid the wastage of land, LOP is necessary. A layout plan helps to maximize the effective use of total land. It also ensures that the vacant spaces are allocated, roads are placed, and the plots are adequately sized according to the place available.

Infrastructure Planning

A well-planned and approved layout plan (LOP) can help plan society’s infrastructure efficiently, such as in sewage systems, drainage systems, roads, electricity distribution, and water supply. With the help of a layout plan, residents can easily see the infrastructure situation in a housing society.

Property Valuation

From a monetary point of view, an approved layout (LOP) can attract potential customers and investors. A proper layout plan can positively influence the property valuation and make it a more attractive investment option.

Security and safety

A layout plan assists in maintaining the security and safety of the society. If the lights, CCTV, and roads are correctly placed, it can deter criminal activities and provide residents with a safe and secure environment.


With a proper layout plan, society can provide residents with facilities such as schools, hospitals, community centers, and recreational parks for children. These facilities contribute to the convenience of residents.

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