Capital Smart City Overseas East


The Capital smart city is a project that has the honor of introducing many new features in the society. They have set many new trends that are now following other societies.

Capital smart city overseas east is also a prominent feature of this society. The Capital smart city developers have specialized a specific area for overseas with a luxury lifestyle. This area has all facilities, e.g., Schools, colleges, hospitals, mosques, etc. Refrain from the misconception due to the name of this area that it is a place only for overseas.

Capital Smart City Overseas East Location

The location is ideal. It is at the start of the society and, due to its location, is covered by different residential and commercial neighboring areas. The project is located near to motorway M2.

 Nearby places

The nearby places of this area are as under

  • Lake View Terrace
  • Harmony Park’
  • La mer
  • 18 golf course

Capital Smart City Overseas Sectors

The capital smart city is divided into 10 different sectors. All these sectors have residential and commercial plots and basic life necessities. Let’s discuss these sectors in detail.

Sector A

Sector A has residential plots of the following size

  • ½ Kanal
  • 10 marla
Sector A

Most plots are constructed by developers. It is an a great initiative by owners for those people who want to buy ready-to-live homes. Moreover, as professional designers design them, their interior is outstanding, making them prominent among all other houses in the sector.

The sector also has commercial properties of 4 marlas. Many marts and utility stores are part of commercial areas to facilitate the residents.

Sector B

This sector of Capita smart city Overseas East is also partially constructed by the owners. This area has

  • 1 kanal residential plots
  • 4 marla commercial plots

The houses constructed in this sector are also very beautiful. Those people who don’t have time to look after the construction process can invest in this block by purchasing already-built houses. Just pay and get possession of your dream home.

Sector C

Sector C has residential plots in following size

  • 1o marla residentia and
  • Commercial plots are available in large sizes as 3 Kanal.
Sector C

 This block is a commercial hub because it has all top-class brands, big shopping malls, salons, gyms, etc. Due to all these facilities, this is the best sector to live in.

Sector E&D

sectore e

Sector D has residential plots of

  • 5 marla and
  • 10 marla

Moreover, it has apartment projects for people who can not afford expensive plots and constructed homes.

Sector E has small-size plots e.g

  • 4 marla and
  • 5 marla

This is a great opportunity who have a low budget or need a small place to build a home.

Sector H&G

The residential area of this sector has plots of following size

  • 4 marla

While commercial plots are available in following sizes

  • 6 marla and
  • 8 marla

The small sizes residential plots are a great opportunity for small families to invest.

Sector h Residential plan include

  • 5 marla plots
  • 7 marla plots
Sector h

This sector also has already been constructed houses by owners. This is a great option for purchasing both properties, e.g., constructed home or plot only. The advantage for purchasing a constructed home is that you can escape from the headache of construction process.

Sector I

Sector I consist of a residential apartment project and 4 marla business plots as well. Many grocery  stores, shopping malls, restaurants, are also present in this sector.

Sector J

Sector j

In sector J, there are two sizes of commercial plots

  • 6 marla
  • 8 marla

While if we talk about residential plots, this sector consists of 2 Kanal residential plots. This block is considered the best because it its distance from the M2 is very short. Moreover, all business hubs, shopping malls, and other important landmarks of the Smart City Overseas East are in the surroundings of this block. So people living here can enjoy all facilities and have more chances of employment compared to the other blocks.

Sector K

Sector K has 10 marla residential plots and 4 marla commercial plots. This area also has many constructed houses. Commercial plots have small grocery stores and shopping malls so that residents can buy daily usage utilities within their sector.


Capital smart city overseas east is a perfect opportunity to invest. As this area has all types of plots (small and large), it is very convenient to choose any plot according to your budget or family needs.

This area is easily accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. People from the areas of South Punjab can also access it easily. All blocks of Smart city Overseas East have all basic necessities, e.g., utility stores, shopping malls, schools, and colleges, so living here is leisure because you do not need to travel outside your area for any purpose.

We strongly recommend you invest here without wasting time. Contact MBS to know more details about prices.

What is Capital Smart City Overseas East?

Capital smart city Overseas East is the part of the city with extraordinary luxuries for Overseas and local residents.

How many blocks are there in Capital Smart City Overseas East?

There are 10 blocks in this area of the capital smart city/

What is the location of the Overseas east block?

Its location is just after the entrance point, very near to the main gate of society.

Which sector is near M2?

The J2 sector is easily approachable from M2.

What sizes of plots are present in this area of the capital smart city?

All sectors of this project consist of different plot sizes, varying from 4 marlas to 2 Kanal (residential and commercial). Mostly commercial plots are available in 4 and 6 marla.

Which sector is more suitable for commercial investment?

Sector C is most suitable as it has 2 Kanal plots sizes for commercial areas, so many big brands and shopping malls are there.

Is it worth investing here?

Yes definitely. The Capital Smart City is a brand famous for standard amenities. So investment in this project will produce many benefits for you.

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