CM Punjab Announces Hybrid Buses for Lahore


In Lahore, hybrid buses will be introduced for the first time by Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi. A sustainable transportation initiative is being promoted by the city. The hybrid buses will be eco-friendly, making them a better option than traditional buses that emit harmful gases and contribute to air pollution.

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Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi announced that 513 hybrid buses would be provided to the city during the PMA’s 20th meeting. He also ordered 200 new bus stations and directed that routes be planned, considering women’s educational institutions’ hours. Private companies will operate hybrid buses.

The Chief Minister has given special instructions to reserve seats for women and the visually impaired at the front of the buses. These passengers will benefit from the move in terms of safety and comfort.

CM Punjab Announces Hybrid Buses for Lahore

The previous attempts by the government to develop a transportation system in the province were unsuccessful, Elahi said. Transport systems in the region should have been established on a long-term basis by the authorities. Therefore, the CM emphasized the importance of this initiative and the need for a sustainable transport system.

With Elahi’s approval, the Punjab Mass Transit Authority will also open its offices in Dera Gujran. Moreover, he approved the strategy for auctioning the authority’s assets.

In addition, the CM instructed the Punjab Transport Company to be rehabilitated and activated. A number of electric buses have been approved for use in Lahore by the mayor. A different feeder route project has also been given his approval to buy more buses.

This is an essential initiative taken by the Punjab government to address the transportation and environmental issues of Lahore. With the introduction of hybrid buses, the city will have access to an eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transportation. The move is expected to improve the city’s air quality and make travel comfortable and safe for passengers. Introducing hybrid buses in Lahore will promote employment, boost the local economy, and encourage investment in sustainable development projects.

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