Pervaiz Elahi Signs Sister Agreement

What is Sister Agreement?

A “sister agreement” or “sister state agreement” is a formal agreement between two subnational entities, such as states or provinces, that establishes a relationship of friendship and cooperation to promote cultural, educational, and economic exchange.

Such agreements can have a variety of benefits, such as increased trade and investment, exchange of students and teachers, and joint research projects. It also helps promote joint effort in education, environment, and culture.

“Sister Agreement” Between Punjab and California

PervaizElahi and Chris Holden, a member of the California State Assembly, signed a “Sister Agreement” between the states of Punjab and California. This came after a meeting was held, with the Chief Minister of Punjab in attendance, during which Salman Ghani, a former federal secretary, provided an overview of the agreement.

In February of the same year, the California State Assembly passed a resolution naming Punjab and California sister states until December 2026.Establishing sister-state relations between Punjab and California is expected to enhance bilateral trade and commerce between the two states and aid in promoting educational, environmental, and cultural initiatives.

The two countries will initiate a new era of cooperation in mutually beneficial fields as a result of the agreement. Further, Lahore is one of Pakistan’s largest cultural, economic, and cosmopolitan centers, which is home to the country’s fashion and cinema industries. This agreement, signed by Pervaiz Elahi, is a step towards improving Punjab’s educational and health sectors.

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