Capital Smart City Latest Development Updates

RDA approves the Capital Smart City project. The project has been designed to improve the city’s infrastructure and make it more efficient. The project has a number of goals, including the promotion of digital technology, the development of new industries, and the enhancement of the city’s image. City residents are already feeling the effects of the project.

Capital Smart City SUI Northern Gas & National Highway Authority

National Highway Authority

Capital Smart City is pleased to announce that the interchange of Motorway M-2, a direct road connecting Lahore and Islamabad, has been approved by NHA. This will make travel between the two cities much easier and more convenient for residents and visitors. We are excited to be a part of this important project and look forward to making it a success.

SUI Northern GAS

Capital Smart City is excited to announce that the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd. has approved for supply. This will bring much-needed gas to the city, and help drive economic growth.

Some features of this housing society:

  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Wide and clear Roads
  • Water and GAS supply 24/7
  • Best Electricity network
  • Advance Healthcare Centers
  • Sanitation systems
  • Security 24/7
  • Theme Parks
  • Parking Area
  • Mosque
  • Commercial Centers
  • Playgrounds

The project has already impacted the city and its residents, and there are plenty of updates available on the project that everyone should be aware of.

Le Mer Parking

Every society must have a parking area so that people can park their vehicles. Therefore, CSC built the La Mer Parking Area, which has many parking spaces. This parking facility is constructed using the advanced and high-quality infrastructure. This has the clear objective of adding value to the housing society. Here is picture showing the real-time development of this parking lot. 

Jamia Mosque

We are Muslims, so we pray in the mosque. Every Muslim society needs a mosque. This smart city has mosques in most blocks and also some Jamia mosques for use by the whole community. A team of developers designed it with the best possible infrastructure. At Jamia Mosque, many people are praying at once with basic and modern facilities. 

Harmony Block Shops

It plans to build shops in the neighborhoods so residents can access all the commercial facilities. The Harmony Block Shops is currently underway and will soon be completed, allowing investors to run their businesses there. 

Harmony Residential

Smart City is adding Harmony Residential to its skyline. For Harmony Residential’s ground floor, the gray structure has been completed. A rapid pace of development is being maintained in Smart City in order to allow residents to move in as soon as possible.

Harmony Residential

Banquet Hall

People need the right place to celebrate their functions and events since they are a part of their daily lives. So all the necessary facilities are included in the project, including a spacious banquet hall, and construction has already begun. A multi-purpose space will be available for residents of this society to book a luxury banquet hall without having to travel long distances. We will make sure that this Banquet Hall is equipped with all the latest industry-standard features.

CSC Interchange Works

Every society needs easy access to major highways and other major roads. After receiving approval from the relevant authorities, CSC constructed the interchange. CSC interchange work was in progress, and they built the bridge. Furthermore, there are roads in progress, and work is fast. The following picture shows the development:

CSC Interchange Works

Contemporary Villas

Each society succeeds with its infrastructure. Capital Smart City’s design is highly creative, with clean, understated lines and minimal architectural features. It’s the epitome of contemporary architecture with an open floor plan and seamless interiors. High-quality construction is used in the construction of these villas. The development there is moving forward at a rapid pace. The following picture shows the latest developments:  

Overseas Prime Villas

Each society must reserve the overseas block. For overseas residents, CSC built overseas prime villas. The building was constructed in accordance with international standards, with many amenities and facilities. Also, their infrastructure is equivalent to international living standards. These developments can be seen in this picture.

Overseas Prime Villas


Take advantage of Capital Smart City’s investment opportunities: In the real estate market of Islamabad, Capital Smart City has become the most lucrative investment option since the development updates of 2022. A residential and commercial plot of land is available for investment in this housing society. Contact us or visit our website for more information.

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