Mehria Town


Back in 2012, when the concept of modern living with all facilities was just at the beginning in different cities of Pakistan, A man named Mr.Malik Javed Akhter took the step to facilitate the people of Attock with all amenities necessary for a standard living.

He took the initiative of Mehria Town phase 1 with an area of 309 Kanal land and divided it into 10 marla plots within 4 blocks A, B, C, and D. This was the first ever housing project of Attock city. High demand and interest motivated Mr. Malik Javed Akhter to extend the projects, giving many standard projects to the people of Attock. e.g.

  • Hamza Town
  • Mehria phase 1
  • Mehria phase 2
  • Mehria phase 3
  • Mehria Sarwala project
  • Extension Sarwala project
Mehria Town Attock

Owners and Developers of Mehria Town

The Mehria project emerged as the first well-structured housing project in Attock and eventually became a dominating society for the people of Attock. This is because of the hard work of the owner of the society, his excellency Mr.Malik Javed Akhter. He hired a well-experienced team.

For example, Mis Mahnoor Javaid is an experienced architectural designer working as the Architect designer and Landscape designer for this housing project. MR. Tahir Khan is the assistant accountant of Mehria project and provides you with any help regarding accounts and payment issues.

NOC Status

Every person wants to invest in NOC-approved societies. Phase 1 was launched when getting a NOC was not a big problem due to low competition in the real estate market. But getting NOC for phase 2 and phase 3 took a lot of work for the owner because of the highly competitive environment. But still, Malik Javed Akhter maintained the legacy, and Mehria’s phases were NOC-approved.

  • Mehria phase 1 approved under the NOC 3099/TMA
  • Mehria phase 2 approved under the NOC 1304/TMA
  • Mehria phase 3 approved under the NOC 1080/TMA

Location And Map of Mehria Town

It is located on Kamra Road, near Fauji foundation college. The location of the housing project is ideal. It connects the society with all main cities, e.g., Rawalpindi, Wah Cantt, and Taxila Cantt. So the people who have jobs in adjacent cities but cannot afford a residence there due to high prices of land can buy and build their home in Mehria and can easily travel to the adjacent cities mentioned earlier. Moreover, it attracts investors from around Attock city to invest here and earn by renting the property.

Location And Map of Mehria Town
Location And Map of Mehria Town

Nearby Places

Nearby places are the core prism of society. Their reflection has a profound impact on society’s prices and worth.

  • Islamic international university: 84 Km away from the town
  • Wah Cantt: 43 Km away from the town
  • Main Road Domail Domel, Attock: 51 km away from the town
  • Rawalpindi:88 Km away from the town
  • Murree.148 km away from the society
  • Taxila Cantt: 58 Km away from the town
Master Plan of Mehria Town
Master Plan of Mehria Town

Master Plan of Mehria Town

Mehria town is divided into three phases, each with a different master plan to accommodate all classes of the society; e.g., Mehria project provides an opportunity for all (from middle class to higher upper class) to invest here.

Let’s discuss all phases one by one.

Phase 1

Phase 1 consists up of 309 Kanal divided as

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D

All blocks have cuttings of 10 marlas.

Phase 2 consists of 183 Kanal divided as

  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G

Phase 3 consists of 239 Kanal

  • Residential plots
  • Commercial Plots

Residential plots are available in the following cuttings

  • 5 marla
  • 7 marla
  • 10 marla

Payment Plan of Mehria Town

The payment plan of every society plays a significant role in making it a successful housing project. Mehria housing scheme provides installment plans for easy affordability. Residential plots are available on a 40 percent down payment, and the rest can be paid in different installments. You can contact Mehria project head office or the registered dealers of Mehria housing scheme to avoid any scam in dealing.

Salient Features of the Housing Scheme

The basic infrastructure of society shows the concern of owners and developers toward their residences. The CEO of Mehria project is highly committed to their work. The infrastructure is established to make it a competitive housing project of any other well-developed housing society of any big city, e.g., Rawalpindi, Wah Cantt, and Taxila Cantt.

Some essential points of infrastructure are as under,

  • Streetlights with wide footpaths
  • Carpeted roads
  • Underground Electricity
  • Parks
  • Sui Gas
  • Ptcl services
  • Commercial area
  • Well-developed security system
  • Graveyard
  • Marques
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Mehria Mall
  • Sewage system

Amenities of Mehria Town

Mehria housing society has been providing standard facilities to its residents since 2012, so they are aware of new demands and changes with time. They are eyewitnesses to the evolution that took place over time in the real estate market. So no place for a discussion on the amenities of the town. They are providing quality life to their residents.

Street Light with Wide Foot Paths

Wide range footpaths are installed with high-quality street lights so you can move around quickly during night times.

Carpeted Roads

When a visitor enters a society for investment purposes, then after security, roads are the 1st thing that leaves a long-lasting impression. Mehria town carpeted roads give you a warm welcome.

Underground Electricity

Underground electricity is the main feature that makes the society competitive with the capital city societies. Underground electricity is a modern technology available in very few societies in Pakistan.


Parks have become an essential part of any housing project. Those days are gone when people visit each other. In a busy life, people prefer to sit in a park for a get-together to spend quality time. The society provides a spacious park to its residents.

Sui Gas

Sui gas is available in the town to make you comfortable and prevent you from unnecessary expenses on Cylinder filling.

PTCL Services

Pakistan Telecommunication provides its Landline and internet services in all phases of Mehria housing scheme

Commercial Area

The commercial area is well maintained. Different utility stores, Marques, and a big mall with all brands are part of the commercial area.

Security System

A well-maintained security system is the specialty of the Mehria housing scheme. Hamza town, the Sarwala project, an extension of the sarwala project, or any phase of Mehria project are all equipped with modern security systems to ensure the people’s safety.


A residence is a place where you want to live and die. The town has its graveyard.

Mehria Marque

Marriages are a time of happiness and celebration in our society. Everyone wants a perfect marriage event in a spacious area with a hygienic environment. Mehria Marque is where you celebrate your marriage ceremony without any headache of space, hygiene, and a peaceful environment. It is all in one place to manage an event.

Besides Mehria Marque, another marriage hall named PEARL also facilitates the residents.

Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid Bilal is opposite Mehria marque.The Green tomb of the Masjid is a soothing sight for the people. The location of the Jamia masjid is ideal.

The Masjid is in the heart of the commercial area of the town. So the Azan call reminds the traders and other people to bow in front of Allah. The two towers of the mosque call people to gather for prayers five times a day.

Mehria Mall

Just behind the Mehria marque and in front of Jamia masjid, there is a building with many floors, and that is Mehria mall which is enriched with different brands and food points. You can buy anything from the mall. Moreover, all branded food points are also available to eliminate your hunger.

Sewage System

The best Sewage system is an indication of a clean society. The Mehria society has the best sewage system to provide the residents with a pollution-free environment.


  • A well-maintained system with all facilities to live in
  • Big cities, e.g., Taxila Cantt, Wah Cantt, and Rawalpindi, are a few KM away from the town and easily accessible.
  • Islamic international university is also easily approachable from the town.
  • From Shopping malls to graveyards, everything is part of society. So that you never face inconvenience while living in Mehria housing scheme.
  • A developed society with all facilities has excellent profit potential.


As well as our research matter, there is no one to invest in such a high-demand society.


Mehria town has built a positive image in the real estate market after hard work for eleven straight years. They launched Mehria phase 1 in 2012, a successful housing project. After that, it became a norm for Mehria owners to launch a housing project with one and after.

They gave many successful housing projects, e.gHamza town, Sarwala project, an extension of Sarwala project, and three phases of Mehria housing scheme. It is one of the top-rated societies of Attock. So, if you are planning to invest in the real estate market of Attock city with zero chance of loss, then you must go for Mehria Town.

What is Mehria Town?

It is a splendid housing project in Attock city.

What is the master plan of the housing scheme?

It consists of three phases.
●     Phase 1
●     Phase 2
●     Phase 3
Phase 1 has 10 marla cutting plots, while phases 2 and 3 have 5, 7, and 10 marla plots.

What is the development status of the Mehria housing project?

Mehria housing project is a developed housing scheme with all amenities within the territory of the society. Shopping malls, food pints, utility stores, wide roads, street lights, underground electricity, and the best sewage system. All these qualities make Mehria the best-developed housing scheme in Attock city.

What is the payment plan for the Mehria housing scheme?

Mehria project offers plot possession with a 40 percent Down payment. You can pay the rest in installments. Contact MBS to know the installment procedure.

What is the Noc status of Mehria society?

Mehria is an approved society. All phases are NOCs approved.

Does investment in the Mehria project pay back?

Definitely! As it is a fully developed society with a luxurious lifestyle, its prices will increase further in the coming days.

What are the nearby places of Mehria town?

Mehria society is on few hours’ drive from the following points
●     Islamic International university
●     Wah Cantt
●     Taxila Cantt

What is the location of Mehria town?

Mehria Town is located on KAMRA road near FAUJI foundation college.

Who is the owner of the society?

Mr.Malik Javed Akhter is the owner of the society.

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