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ZEDEM International owns and develops Faisal Margalla City Islamabad. Located in a truly natural area, surrounded by breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills of Islamabad, the society is ideally situated in one of the most naturally beautiful parts of the country. MPCHS sector B-17 and block A are just across the street from the society.

FMC is a must-have for many people, a popular and widely sought-after housing society in the Federal Capital. As well as its tranquil and charismatic location, it is also well known for its tranquility. How fast society developed and achieved its unique position was astonishing. Furthermore, the society has been approved by the relevant authorities.

Owners and Developers of Faisal Margalla City

Owner Chaudhary Abdul Majeed is known for his multiple successful projects in the twin cities, which he owns through his private construction firm. ZEDEM International is developing Faisal Margalla City. Within a short period, ZEDEM built the society and gained the public’s trust. In addition to FMC, ZEDEM has also completed several significant projects in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The developer’s best projects include:

Further, ZEDEM International operates in sectors B-17, F-11, and E-1 of Islamabad.

NOC Status of FMC

According to a reference group contacted on the ground, all properties for the venture had been acquired. The property supposedly belongs to Chaudhary Majeed of ZEDEM International. Therefore, it is assumed the community has all the land it needs, implying there will be no problem with possession.

It is easier to obtain NOC if the property has already been purchased. Yet, Farooq of Sibro Property B-17 Islamabad states that some criteria still have to be met and that they are in the process of completing them so that the project can obtain them as soon as possible.

Faisal Margalla City Location & Map

Faisal Margalla City Location

Across from Block A with MPCHS Multi-Gardens B-17 lies the Faisal Margalla City location, which spreads all the way to Margalla Hills. There are other MPCHS blocks surrounding it on all sides. Through the Multi-Gardens on the one hand and the presented intersection onto the Multi-Faisal Interchange on the other, it will have direct access to the GT Road and the Motorway M-1. Faisal Margalla City is in an ideal location since it is close to Multi-Gardens B-17, implying that all the commercial, residential, and population growth there will directly impact real estate.

A broad highway network connects the housing community to the rest of the region. A lot of interest and money are attracted to Faisal Margalla’s brilliant placement. This sector is less densely urbanized than other CDA areas in Islamabad. Despite this, it has everything one would need to live a comfortable and peaceful life.

An overview of landmarks and Areas

Various fascinating places will be available to Faisal Margalla City residents over the weekend and other holidays.

  • Taxila Museum, located roughly nine kilometers from the city center.
  • Fatimah Jinnah Park, you can visit through Faisal Margalla City Islamabad map, which is 29 kilometers away.
  • Margalla Hills can be seen from here, providing breath-taking views.

Access Point:

  • Sardar heights (shopping mall)
  • 50 square (shopping mall)
  • Galaxy one arcade
  • Domination heights
  • Al riyan association FMC
  • FMC central park
  • Lavish mall (shopping mall)
  • Elegance square (shopping mall)
  • Glorious arcade 1
  • Connector marketeer (SMC) PVT
  • Doha emporium

Master Plan of Faisal Margalla City

This comprehensive community offers great residential, commercial, and lifestyle opportunities in Faisal Margalla City. This project consists of a single block A.

All the features of a peaceful, prosperous society have been incorporated perfectly into the design. There is also a lake, apartment buildings, a graveyard, commercial areas, and mosques in the master plan. Furthermore, future extensions are also possible on the land.

Plot Sizes

FMC offers the following plot sizes:

  • 5.56 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10.89 Marla
  • 14.22 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Payment Plan of Faisal Margalla City Islamabad

Developed for the benefit of their valued clients and investors, the Faisal Margalla City Payment Plan is very convenient and feasible. The payment plan was made available to the public during the pre-launch phase. FMC later changed its policy and no longer extended the 4-year payment plan. Faisal Margalla City plot prices are as follows:

Plot Size25 x 50 (139 Square yards)30 x 60 (200 Square yards)35 x 70 (272 Square yards)40 x 80 ( 356 Square yards)50 x 90 (500 Square yards)
Marla5.56 Marla8 Marla10.89 Marla14.22 Marla1 Kanal
Cost of Plot3,780,0005,240,0006,840,0008,580,00011,480,000
Registration fee10,00010,00010,00010,00010,000
Total (In Rs)3,790,0005,250,0006,850,0008,590,00011,490,000
Down Payment995,0001,350,0001,780,0002,220,0002,520,000
1st Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
2nd Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
3rd Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
4th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
5th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
6th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
7th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
8th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
9th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
10th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
11th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
12th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
13th Installment215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
21% Off on Lumpsum Basis (In Rs)2,995,0004,150,0005,410,0006,785,0009,080,000
At the time of application2,780,0003,850,0005,020,0006,295,0008,390,000
Add GST14,00020,00027,00036,00050,000
Total Amount At the Time of Application with GST2,794,0003,870,0005,047,0006,331,0008,440,000
On Physical Possession215,000300,000390,000490,000690,000
  • The charges included in the plot, price are roads, sewerage, drainage systems, entrance gates, landscaping, security, and underground electricity.
  • The plot will be given to the owner as soon as the development work is complete and full payment of all charges and dues is received.
  • A quarterly payment schedule would be used (three months).
  • Fees for registration are nonrefundable.
  • Attached is a payment plan applicable to the development and booking phases only.

Projects in the FMC Commercial Sector

In terms of business projects, FMC is working on the following three:

Lavish Mall

Located in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the lavish mall is one of the biggest in the twin cities. The building is located in the FMC B17 Multi-Gardens area of Islamabad, Pakistan. Twelve Kanal of commercial space and thirteen stories of luxurious apartments make up the project.

Domination Heights

There are ten stories in the building known as Domination Heights, located in sector B-17 (FMC) of Islamabad. Featuring a variety of features, this is an exclusive residential unit development.

Apex Gold Mall

Currently, in FMC, the Apex Gold Mall is one of the most vibrant malls in the area. In the next block, you will find Multi-Gardens Islamabad b-17. It is a five-Kanal project with six stories. As one of the most prominent malls in the twin cities, Apex Gold Mall will be its latest project.

Status of development

Several villas are being built in Faisal Margalla City as the project develops. Block A development is scheduled to be completed and ownership handover completed in six months. There are various property sizes available in the project, including 5, 8, 10, 14 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Sector B-17 Islamabad provides all the basic amenities and services, and the areas surrounding Faisal Margalla City are densely populated.

Is Faisal Margalla City a good investment?

Faisal Margalla City might appeal to you after learning about its features. It is impossible for you to feel regret about your decision. Following are some reasons:

Developers are known for their work

The developers’ track record of success and dependability makes Faisal Margalla City a highly profitable investment. MPCHS has indeed been made significantly more efficient by Seem International.

An awe-inspiring setting

Furthermore, it is one of the most unique emerging real estate projects because of its location at the foothills of the Margalla Hills. Moreover, it is accessible to the public via the M-1 and GT roads.

A flexible payment plan

One of the features that attract investors is the flexible payment plan. This payment plan has gradually been phased out in the past few months, but those who took advantage of it on time are now reaping the benefits. Despite the high development standards and speed, the developers delivered the work ahead of schedule to the owners.

Amenities of conventional design

In the region, Faisal City is one of the fastest-selling housing projects due to the diversity of facilities and development offered. It is forecast that not only housing but also business activity will boom in the region, despite all the growth in the region and the influx of people from the cities. In Margalla City, investments will benefit tremendously from these elements, and residents can enjoy a relaxing and quiet life.

Possession immediately

Taking ownership of your plot is possible in Faisal Margalla city since plots can be reserved immediately. Following the final payment, you become the owner of the acquired lands.


As part of the fair computerized balloting process, Faisal City management scheduled a balloting session at Faisal Margalla City new booking. A master plan for FMC has already been announced at this year’s inaugural ceremony. A mapping tool has been developed to provide plot owners with information on their location and plot figures on the grid.

A plot number and a real address were granted to investors who had received the necessary documents for this home development. RDA approved the master plan for Faisal Margalla City.


  • Developing state-of-the-art technologies
  • Roads are widely spread out
  • 40 ft. To 110 ft. wide streets
  • All sectors should have green belts
  • System of modern sewage disposal
  • Electricity underground
  • Community with a secure gate
  • CCTV cameras are monitored 24 hours a day
  • Commercially developed area
  • Center for Community Development
  • Having a food court
  • Recreational parks
  • Centers for health care
  • Tracks for jogging
  • An environment of lush greenery
  • Safe Communities
  • A friendly neighbourhood
  • The Jamia Mosque and a Masjid on every block
  • Playground for children


Routes along the road

The main boulevard has 225 feet of width, and the street connection has 40 feet of width, both of which meet international standards.


Faisal Margalla City is also building high-quality hospitals.

Facilities for education

A lot of attention has been given to education, and schools and colleges have been given the appropriate grounding.

Supply of water

Underground water supplies are also provided in adequate quantities to the people.

The security system

In addition, residents are provided with adequate, complete, and infallible defences.


In addition to the parks in Faisal Margalla City, residents here will have access to parks around the city. In Multi Gardens Islamabad’s Sector A, Lakeview Park offers a stunning view of the lake only four minutes from the project’s site. As well as snacks and other items, there is a tuck store in the park. A walking track in the park is used in the mornings and evenings by people who walk or jog. During the week, it’s the perfect place to spend quality time with your family on weekends.


Much higher education institutions are located in Faisal City, Islamabad. Some outstanding schools in B-17 Islamabad are roughly 5 to 7 minutes away. The Air Foundation School System is located in Block B. One of the most prestigious schools in the country, The City School, is affiliated with The Smart School. F.M.C. The city is about 16 kilometers from Roots International School in Block B. Students from kindergarten through high school benefit from a high-quality education at this school.

As well as Faisal Margalla City Islamabad being near Taxila Education City of the Heavy Industries (HITEC), it is also close to the Cheap Development City of the Heavy Industries. In addition to its Matric schools, the HITEC is also affiliated with the Cambridge International Exam Junior School, which caters to students in grades 2 through 7.

Faisal Margalla City Islamabad offers two options for medical science students:

  • HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences Medical College is located nine kilometers along North Road.
  • A 15-minute drive away from Wah, Faisal City, Islamabad, is COMSATS University on GT Road, Quaid Avenue.

In addition to computer science, mathematics, business, and statistics, the university offers civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering technology.

Fitness Center

The P.O.F. Gym in Wah, Rawalpindi, is approximately 11.2 kilometers from Faisal City Islamabad. In the vicinity, there is a gym that is exclusively for men. However, there are other gyms if you live within a 20 to 27-mile radius of Islamabad. A beauty salon runs a private ladies’ gym in Block B of Sector B-17 Islamabad, known as F-11 Markaz, Fight Fortress M.M.A. The proposed development is seven minutes away by car.


As a result, now that you know all the details about Faisal Margalla City, you can make an informed choice. Faisal Margalla City is the premier place to live a luxury lifestyle. Book your plot today. Investing in real estate is also a profitable way to make money. You can make massive profits in Faisal Margalla by investing in commercial plots. No stone was left unturned in my detailed explanation of all the benefits. For more information, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Faisal Margalla City?

Faisal Margalla City is a community of residences and businesses.

Is Faisal Margalla City CDA approved?

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) approves the NOC of the housing scheme.

Who is the owner of Faisal Margalla City?

The project is owned by ZEDEM International and Margalla City Private Limited. ZEDEM International is responsible for the sales and development of the society in Islamabad. Chaudhary Majeed owns ZEDEM International.

What is the location of Faisal Margalla City in Islamabad?

A Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) is located next door to Sector B-17. From GT Road, people can use Multi Gardens’ gate to access MPCHS Sector G via the service road or motorway. From MPCHS to Margalla Hills, the society stretches. Located in a serene city area, Margalla Hills provides a scenic view of the development.

Is Faisal Margalla City Islamabad a good investment?

·         ZEDEM International has earned a respected reputation for its work in MPCHS.
·         The M1 motorway is directly accessible from its location
·         The land acquired has been registered in the owner’s name
·         The society offers early possession of the property on complete payment.
·         Faisal Margalla City Islamabad plot for sale with top-notch amenities, and the land price includes all development charges.

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