ICHS Islamabad


If you are looking for land to build your home on a limited budget or want to invest your hard-earned savings on land to generate revenue. The ICHS Islamabad (Islamabad cooperative housing society) project is for you. It is a semi-government project with all facilities and specially designed for the community with low income. It is near Fateh Jang road and about 4km away from the new international airport. The location of ICHS Islamabad has made it a point of attention for many investors.

ICHS Islamabad Owners and Developers

Some government officials are the owners of society. It is a semi-government housing society to give all amenities to low-income people. As 22-grade government officials are owners of this society, so they are offering some percentage of discount to the government employees. The developers focus on providing the middle-class community with all facilities within their budget. Zoom Developers present the design of society.

NOC Status

 The society has NOCs from all concerned authorities. All details of NOCs are given below.

  • cooperative societies department: ICHS NOC Registration no 13273271
  • Tehsil municipal administration: NOC number is 567/SL/N-I/TP/TMAF
  • Environmental protection department: NOC number is DD (EIA)EPA/F-80(IEE)/0307/2009/2892
  • Civil aviation authorities: NOC number is HQCAA/1124/44/ATS (P/C) 2693
  • Ministry of defense: NOC number is 6/53/Misc/D-28/2008

Location and Map of ICHS Islamabad

Location Of ICHS Islamabad

The location of any society plays a key role in deciding whether to invest in it or not. The ICHS Islamabad location in a central place that is easily accessible. ICHS Islamabad Map:

The main access points for this society are as under

  • Fateh Jang road
  • New Islamabad international airport
  • CPEC root
  • Zero point Islamabad

Nearby Places ICHS Islamabad

The places nearby add worth to the society’s project. The new airport, CPEC, and Fateh Jang roads are very near to the community. The list of some other places and their distance from society is as under

  • Rawalpindi city: 27 km
  • Murree city: 77 km away 
  • Abbottabad city: 112 km 
  • Capital smart city: 30 km
  • Mumtaz city:20 km 
  • University town: 25km

Master Plan of ICHS Islamabad

The housing scheme comprised 5500 Kanal land, which is expected to expand 9000 canals. 9-15 canals were dedicated to the parks. The rest of the land is divided into three main phases

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
Master Plan of ICHS Islamabad

The construction work of phase 1 is almost complete. Roads are carpeted, and the drainage system is also well maintained. The construction work was progressing slowly, but due to the construction of the new international airport and CPEC, developers started to work at a fast pace. They are trying 

complete the project as soon as possible. Because the formation of new commercial buildings near the town has contributed to increasing its demand and worth.

The specified land that society is offering for residential plots is divided as

  • 5 marla
  • 7 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 1 kanal

The commercial land is available in the following sections

  • 2 marla
  • 4 marla
  • 8 marla

Payment Plan of ICHS Islamabad

As the society is making its place among low-budget communities, developers designed their payment plans keeping in mind the affordability factor of the middle class.

All 5,7.10 marla and Kanal plots are available on 14 monthly installment plans. The housing scheme offers a specific discount to government and semi-government employees. Moreover, overseas Pakistanis, widows, and orphans are eligible for the discount category.

To know more about pricing plans and discount details, contact us.

Development Status of ICHS Islamabad

The developers are trying to fasten the developing procedure after the inauguration of the new airport. Development in phase 1 is almost complete. The main entrance construction is complete. Street names and house numbers are assigned to the plots. Streetlights are installed, and a drainage system is developed. It is expected that people will start living there within one year. Phase 2 and 3 are under construction and provide a great investment opportunity. Rates are expected to go toward the higher end after the completion of the development procedure.

Reasons to Invest

Are you thinking about why to invest in this housing scheme when other options are available?

  • The first and most important reason is its economical payment plan. It is the only housing scheme in the area providing you with all standard living amenities in a very affordable package. So, invest here if you want to build a dream house in a well-maintained society with all the modern conveniences of a lavish life.
  • The second reason is to generate profit by investing in land. Developers predict prices will be high in the coming years.

So, invest money in buying the plot in this society and, after 2-3 years, sell the property and earn a profit.

Features of ICHS Islamabad

The salient features of the society that will compel you to invest here are

  • It is a secure and gated society.
  • All necessities of life, e.g., Sui gas, electricity, and water, are present
  • Well-managed drainage system
  • Educational facilities within the society
  • All medical and health facilities within the housing scheme.
  • Spacious parks and jogging tracks
  • Different shopping malls
  • Broad roads
  • Green belts around residential plots make the environment pleasant for the residents.

Amenities & Facilities

Developers are trying hard to maintain all basic needs within the housing scheme territory, so you never need to travel outside. The owners of the society emphasize maintaining the society as a mini city where the residents are provided with all necessities and an upgraded lifestyle. A place where they feel proud and happy to build their dream homes.


When you plan to buy a home, security is the primary concern. It is a gated community with CCTV installed at the entrance to maintain every person’s checks and balance. It also has a boundary, making it safer compared to the other housing projects in the area.

Gas, Water, Electricity

All the above three are the primary necessities of life. The society provides all these facilities to make your life easy. 

Educational institutes

The distance between an educational institute from home makes a significant difference in a student’s life. Parents choose such residence to live in, which is a nearby school. It has covered you by providing you best educational institutes within the range of your home.

Health Care

Medical health care is the prime need of human beings. A well-maintained residential place is where you get the best medical care without traveling unnecessarily. The developers of housing society are well aware of this and providing this facility.


Parks are an essential part of society. You need a relaxing space after an exhausting and tiring day. Kids used to play in the parks to well spent their time. Society has a specifically dedicated space for parks to give residents a peaceful lifestyle.

Roads and Street Lights

These are the facilities that are compromised by most of the housing schemes. They focus on the basic needs of life and consider such things unnecessary. But carpeted roads aid in moving and performing other activities smoothly. Streetlights help to reduce street crimes. So, the developers of society have focused on such things. These features make this housing scheme a different one than others.

Sewerage System

The quality of the sewerage system determines the cleanliness of your area. So, Society cares for people and offers a clean living place with a well-developed sewerage system.


The mosque is a symbol of the Muslim community. Every good residential colony offers a Jamia mosque to its residents to gather and perform their religious obligations. It is also fulfilling this promise by providing a mosque within the society

Utility Stores and Shopping Malls

Utility stores and shopping malls are necessities. People prefer a place where they can get everything under one roof. Nowadays, people do not visit shopping malls to shop for something. Rather, enormous shopping malls have become symbols of picnics and add glamour to life. It has promised to give a luxury lifestyle to low-budget people by providing shopping malls and utility stores nearby the area of their residence.


  • Plots are available at very economical and affordable prices.
  • All facilities for a standard living in one place.
  • Secured and gated community
  • Near the airport.
  • Near CPEC road, providing different opportunities for any business
  • Land of society has the potential to generate profit for you in the coming years
  • Easily accessible from all surrounding main cities, e.g., Murree, Rawalpindi, Abbottabad, Fateh Jang, etc


  • It will take a year to become a fully functional residential area.


ICHS Islamabad is a developing society which all necessities and lavish living standards. The owners and developers have specifically designed it for a low-income community so that they can fulfill their dream of a house. The construction pace is increasing rapidly in areas, e.g., the new international airport Islamabad and CPEC, which will increase the value of the land in the coming years. So, an excellent chance to invest in this land.

If you are interested in investing your money in ICHS Islamabad, contact our experts, who will guide you in detail.

What is ICHS Islamabad

It is a semi-government housing scheme offering a peaceful and lavish lifestyle to people with low budgets.

Where is it located?

Its location is ideal. It is 4km away from the new airport in Islamabad and easily accessible from Fateh Jang road.

Is this housing scheme NOC approved?

Yes, it is NOC-approved.

What are ICHS Islamabad plot sizes?

plot sizes for residential purposes are available under the following cuttings
● 5 Marla
● 7 Marla
● 10 Marla
● 1 Kanal
Commercial plots are available under the following cuttings.
● 2 Marla
● 4 Marla
● 8 Marla

Why invest here?

Because this is a housing scheme with all facilities and a dream place to live.

What is the payment plan?

The payment plan is available in 14 monthly installments.

Is the society a crowded residential area?

People have started living in phase 1, while Phases 2 and 3 are in developing states.

 Is it a secure Society?

Yes, completely secure with boundary wall, CCTV, and main entrance gate.

Is there any discount available?

Yes, discount for government and semi-government employees, as well as for orphanage and widows, is available.

what is the potential of land according to the business point of view?

Prices of land in society are increasing rapidly after the construction of airports and CPEC. So, it has a great potential to generate profit.

Is it easily accessible?

The society’s main gate is easily accessible from Fateh Jang road.

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