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Your interest in learning more about DHA Islamabad has brought you here, right? It is an excellent place to invest if you are looking for an affordable plot in Islamabad DHA. Here we will provide you with all the information about the DHA project, including the price, features, and payment plans.

Affluent housing societies are being built in Bahria Town Islamabad by the Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad. HABIB RAFIQ (PVT) LIMITED and DHA collaborate on DHA Valley. By building a residential complex with parks, commercial spaces, Schools, Mosques, Hospitals, and other amenities of life, this Society aims to provide a luxurious living experience for middle and upper-class people. We will discuss several other topics later on in this article, along with these.


As of now, over 50 thousand plots have been allocated to residents of DHA in Islamabad, which began on 18 August 2008. DHA is an independent housing authority created by the Pakistan Welfare Department of Armed Forces in 1992. It provides high-end living spaces to military personnel. Residents of this huge project will receive luxurious and up-to-date facilities from the developer.

Each block of this project has been allocated a residential plot of land of five and eight marlas at an affordable price for the low-income population here and abroad. DHA developers provide value to their investors and have a leading reputation. Investors highly value their plots due to the authority’s excellent reputation in the real estate market.

Owners and Developers

I believe you are no different from others when wondering about the developers before investing your hard-earned money. All major cities in Pakistan have benefited from housing projects launched by the Defence Housing Authority. No particular individual currently owns a DHA housing society. Retired or senior military officers handle projects.

It is currently being developed for civilians and military personnel by Defence Housing Authority (DHA), which originally governed housing and municipal services only for military personnel in Pakistan. Due to the DHA Valley project, there has been an increase in real estate investors seeking safe investments in Pakistan.

Architects from California’s OJMR Architects have been selected for DHA Valley’s design work, while a Turkish company has been selected for DHA Homes’ work. A transport infrastructure company is Habib Rafiq (PVT) Ltd.

Our Other Projects

NOC Status

The importance of obtaining a NOC doesn’t need to be explained to you if you are an experienced real estate investor. However, if you are investing in real estate for the first time, you must understand that NOC approval plays a crucial role. An approved project gets investors’ trust when it has the Non-obligation certificate from all the authorities. Getting a NOC ensures that work is deliver on time.

The defense housing authority requires no government department to approve the Islamabad project. Why is that so? The Defense Housing Authority in Islamabad is a governing and development authority. Therefore, they do not require NOCs from other development authorities, so you can decide to go with them at your convenience.

Location & Map of Defence Housing Authority

You think about the location right after NOC and Developer, right? DHA Islamabad location is convenient, and nobody would want to invest in such a problem. A part of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the Defence Housing Authority Valley project area. This area is divided into five sections between the Islamabad Capital Territory and the Punjab province border. DHA ISB map is:

Location of DHA Islamabad

This Valley is located along the Islamabad Highway adjacent to Phase 2 Extension. All six-lane expressways connect to this housing project’s major phases. Almost a year has passed since the expressway was under construction, and it is expecting to be finished in the next few months. Once this six-lane expressway is construct, it will take only ten minutes to reach Rawalpindi from the Phase-II extension.

In the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area, Phase 1 of this housing is located between the N-5 National Highway and Phases VII & VIII of Bahria Town. This acquired 16,750 Kanals (8.47 square kilometers) for Phase I. The Kahuta Triangle lies in phase 2, bordered by the N-5 National Highway and the Expressway.

Access Points

  • Zero Point Interchange
  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi
  • Gulberg Greens
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Chaklala Air Base

Near landmarks

  • Bahria Town
  • Ayyub National Park
  • Fauji Foundation Hospital
  • Institute of Space and Technology (IST)
  • Capital University of Science and Technology

Master Plan of DHA ISB

An experienced property development team and professional Architects designed and developed the master plan. As illustrated below, this housing society offers varied development projects, such as DHA Valley, DHA Valley Overseas Block, DHA Homes, and DHA Commercial Avenue:

Master plan of DHA Islamabad

DHA Valley Blocks

DHA Valley blocks will be constructed for Pakistani residents in Defense Housing Authority. For lower-middle class families, there are 18 Valley blocks, which include five and eight Marla plots. A year has already passed since the construction project for this Valley started. There was a lot of interest among investors in this block. It consists of several blocks, including Bluebell, Oleander, Lily, Snowdrop, Daffodils, Zinnia, Lavender, Lotus, Iris, Eglantine, Marigold, Gloxinia, Daisy, Jasmine, Rose, Tulip.

DHA Valley Overseas Blocks

Pakistanis who are not residents of Pakistan are provided with special home plots of 5 and 8 Marla in overseas blocks. A healthy and secure environment is provided in the Overseas Block. Overseas Pakistanis place a high value on the Overseas Blocks. Several foreign currencies were attracting to this block.

In addition to these Overseas Blocks, there are other blocks, such as Bougain villas, Magnolias, and Sunflowers. Several facilities have been constructing to fit the needs of overseas citizens, including maintaining open spaces, parks, recreation activities, and many more.

DHA Homes

Making DHA homes for Pakistanis and overseas residents is the main master plan behind the project. The Homes has landscaped the 5 and 8 Marla areas nearby the Phase-II extension of this society. They offer an admirably well-furnished home and a dynamic, safe, and secure community.

Those looking for high-quality finishes and fixtures will benefit from master plans like this. Suitable for small families, the 5 Marla House is perfect for them. The house has a porch, a lounge, a kitchen, and two bedrooms on a single story.

Some facilities are include in these homes, such as tiled floors, attached closets in bedrooms, and high-quality fittings in the bathrooms. They are ideal for families of 6 or more members as they are double story, single units with three bedrooms, dining room, drawing room, kitchen, lounge, terrace, and servants’ quarters. There are spacious rooms in this well-designed house, attached cupboards and bathrooms, and tiled floors. There are good quality sanitary fittings in the kitchen and bathrooms.

DHA Homes

DHA Commercial Avenue

Business and commercial activities will be the main focus of Commercial Avenue. A commercial and retail district with 4 and 8 marla shops on Commercial Avenue provides a sustainable business atmosphere. Businesses and investors can take advantage of this Commercial Avenue if they are forward-looking.

It offers modern infrastructure and facilities, including well-organized parking and well-managed security and maintenance systems, to ensure comfortable and uninterrupted business operations in Defense Housing Authority Valley.

DHA Commercial Avenue

DHA Islamabad Payment Plan

Last but not least, we must discuss the price, which is one of the most crucial elements in any purchase. In this post, I’d like to share with you some great prices that you can get at a very reasonable price. DHA Islamabad plots for sale, various types available at DHA Valley, including Commercial Avenue, DHA homes, overseas blocks, and commercial plots.

Booking Now

I have good news for you if you consider investing in this housing society. To buy a plot in this society, you will have to pay at least the down payment amount, and you can make the remaining payments in installments. And the most important thing to remember is that prices and payment plans may change from time to time, depending on market conditions.

As a result, they are only running with this plan at the moment, but plans cannot be guaranteed. Due to various sectors and plot sizes within this society, every plot offers various luxuries, amenities, and facilities. Whenever you plan to jump, I suggest checking the final price.

Before investing in this Housing society, you should understand the following:

  • We reserve the right to change payment plans and prices at any time.
  • You must pay the installments if you book a plot.
  • Cheque/Pay Order/DD payable to acceptable modes of payment.

DHA Valley

The price of a 5 Marla and an 8 Marla residential plot in this Valley are PKR 650,000 and PKR 880,000, respectively, for Pakistani citizens.

DHA Valley for Overseas

There is a price of USD 8,700 for this Valley’s 5 Marla plots for overseas Pakistanis and a price of USD 11,750 for the Valley’s 8 Marla plots.

DHA Homes

Pakistani residents and overseas Pakistanis can purchase 5 Marla plot size residential plots in DHA homes for PKR 2,299,000 and 8marla plot size residential plots for PKR 4,199,000, respectively.

DHA Commercial Avenue

PKR 2,000,000 is the price for a 4 marla plot in Commercial Avenue, while PKR 4,000,000 is the price for an 8 marla plot in this Commercial Avenue.

DHA Overseas

There is a USD 9,500 price for 5 Marla plot size in overseas block and a USD 12,900 price for 8 Marla plot size in overseas block for overseas Pakistani.

Development Status of Defence Housing Authority

The history of DHA Valley is not as good as those of other Defense Housing Authority projects. Especially in terms of development, it has been delay a lot. Investors gave a first assurance in 2008 that delivery would take place three years later, in 2011. The extension was extending until 2022.

While development has been ongoing for over a decade, it has remained minimal. Only the roads and grey structures surrounding the 4 and 8 Marla DHA homes have been built. Since then, no major developments have occurred. Therefore, proper amenities and commercial spaces are need to make it livable.

What makes DHA Islamabad a good investment?

Although you have read all the above-given information about the attractive project, you are still wondering what the purpose of investing in this housing society. That is a suitable investment option for me. Providing residents with a luxurious lifestyle is the main goal of this developers. Investing in real estate with Defense Housing Authority creates a trustworthy environment. It is possible to earn a great return on investment by investing in this project.


this project attracts investors for several reasons, including its state-of-the-art infrastructure, gated community amenities, schools, mosques, hospitals, and commercial shopping areas.

International Standard and Commercial Avenue

DHA Valley is located in Islamabad’s heart with everything you could need. They are striving to achieve international standards in their society. The design of Commercial Avenue makes it a good place for businesses to operate.


It takes this housing society much less time to deliver full possession of a house than any other housing project. Easy installment plans are available for the purchase of your plot. They also delivers many homes. Buying a DHA home that fulfills all your housing needs is a great option if you don’t want to wait long for construction.


They offers the following features:

  • Gate with a beautiful entrance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Grand Mosque
  • Ressources of water
  • Community eco-friendly
  • The education complex
  • Providing accessibility
  • Security 24×7
  • Maintaining
  • The boundary wall
  • Communal gated
  • Development of high-quality products
  • Gas, electricity, and water
  • Electricity underground
  • Waste disposal and sewerage systems
  • Developing infrastructure of world-class quality
  • Facilities for indoor and outdoor sports
  • A hospital, dispensary, or clinic offers medical services

Facilities & Amenities

This is why the developers of Defense Housing Authority Islamabad consult with Habib Rafiq (PVT) Limited. In Pakistan, no society would have offered such a wide variety of luxury amenities before this society was establish.
As part of their development plan, there developer ensures that all the needs of overseas residents and Pakistanis are met and religious needs. Jamia mosque was built in the society to meet the spiritual needs of the residents.

Safety and security are top priorities for every society. That’s why this housing society project is a gated community staffed by highly trained guards equipped with various surveillance equipment 24 hours a day.

The standard of living

A standard lifestyle surrounded by nature’s beauty, international amenities, as well as an atmosphere of pure bliss is what the Valley Islamabad offers.


This society is distinguished by the Jamia Mosque’s beautiful dome and first-rate infrastructure.

A healthy lifestyle

Avicenna Medical Centre, a medical facility with highly trained medical staff, was developed by this society.

Games and sports

Children can play indoor and outdoor sports in this society, so they don’t have to go outside.

Systems that operate online

With Online Utility Bill Payment Systems, the developing authority understands the value of your time.

The education system

There developers prioritize education facilities since education plays a huge role in anyone’s life. At the Army Public School & College, students can depend on highly qualified teachers and professors to provide them with the best education possible.

The clubs of the community

As another benefit for residents, they created the Jacaranda Family Club.

System of security

Developers prioritize the security of residents. There are several guards in this society’s central security system.

Supply chains in the food industry

Restaurants like McDonald’s are located in Islamabad.

The entertainment industry

Entertainment options include JFC Cineplex & Bowling in this housing society.

The resident support program

They also manage resident complaints through a Complaint Management System.

Booking Procedure of DHA ISB

Islamabad Defense Housing Authority has done a good job explaining most of the things about itself, but are you familiar with the booking process? Please don’t leave here; you can read the entire booking process. All investors, who show interest in purchasing a plot in Islamabad, have various options for payment. The prices mentioned above are based on full cash payments, so if you opt to pay in installments, you will also have to pay an interest rate.

  • Lump-sum payments are eligible for a 5% discount. Each plot will be charged a membership fee of Rs. 27,500/-, and the remaining two plots will be charged a membership fee of Rs. 2,500/-. Prices include 2% advance tax and government sales tax of Rs. 100 per square yard, and residence fees charged by the municipality of Rs. 100/square yard. Residential Plots cost Rs. 5,000/- & Commercial Plots cost Rs. 10,000/- & Processing Fee is Rs. 2,500/-. 10% extra is charges for category plots.
  • Investors must provide their information on the back of their Demand Draft / Pay Order in favor of the Defense Housing Authority to make payments. The contact information of all applicants, as well as information about the plot, must be provided.
  • A property worth PAK 5 million can be purchased by overseas Pakistanis holding a Pakistan Origin Card or NICOP after getting a Proceed Realization Certificate (PRC) from the bank affiliated with the property.
  • PRCs can only be issued if the payment is transferred within 60 days of the transfer date.
  • In the absence of filing taxes, overseas Pakistanis will be deemed non-filers. The Advance Tax must be deposited at a rate of 4%. All dues must be deposited/cleared before the plot can be transferred.
  • It has been informed to the Government of Pakistan that a non-filer will not be able to purchase immovable property worth over Rs 5.0 million.

Documents for Booking

As you’ve got to this point, you’re okay with the price and are looking for what types of documentation you’ll need. For Pakistani residents and overseas buyers staying in this society, here are several lists of documents required.

  • Applications for certificates
  • Application for Membership
  • A passport-sized photo in color and one in black and white
  • Photocopied CNIC
  • Two copies of your next of kin (parents, siblings, wives, siblings)
  • Installment form
  • Proof of address
  • Payment should be make by check, pay order, or cash

Before purchasing a plot in this society, people from overseas must provide the following documents.

  • Foreign passport holders in Pakistan
  • National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)
  • A visa for permanent residence
  • Having a valid work permit


  • 24×7 water supply
  • A 24/7 electricity supply
  • Gas 24/7
  • Optimal conditions for peace, health, and security
  • Providing CCTV cameras, security guards, and surveillance systems
  • The project is located very close to major projects and central locations
  • System for protecting data
  • Disposal mechanism for solid wastes


  • High price perception


As an owner of Defense Housing Authority, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality product because it is a government project. They have many projects that can be useful for investing money correctly. This price isn’t the only thing that attracts people; their service is also excellent. There are many things about Defense Housing Authority that attract people around Pakistan, and we have discussed them in detail in this post.

Is DHA government or private?

Yes, this is government property, and they are under the control of the Pakistan Army.

Which is the best DHA phase in Islamabad?

It is a great sector for residences and investments because it is located in the best part of Defense Housing Authority. From GT Road, it extends beyond Islamabad Highway to this society, covering a large area.

Is DHA Islamabad a good investment?

This is a great investment because:
A prime location
The NOC has been approved
Living a luxurious lifestyle
A modern facility with modern amenities
Return on Investment is good

Who is the head of DHA Islamabad?

Defense Housing Authority(DHA) Islamabad is directed by Nasir Kamal.

Is DHA under the Army?

Army, Navy, and Air Force medical services are provided to Combatant Commands during peacetime and wartime through the Defense Health Agency, a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency.

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